Help me decide my 1st genuine Gucci

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  1. Hi, I recently bought a small abbey on e-bay, but not positive it's authentic. I received some money and gift cards recently for my birthday and would like to treat myself to a definite genuine Gucci (we have a Gucci store in town). Please help me pick and if you have others to suggest, that's great!

    Small Princy Hobo (if it's still at the store- they had this with the dark brown leather, but no longer online)

    Jackie medium hobo

    New britt medium hobo

    Bouvier medium hobo (this is in europe, but I will be there in May- not sure of price)

    I know that I want a hobo and I'd like to have something that will stay in style as I plan on wearing it for a few years. I'm in my 30s, but don't make a TON of money :smile: I'm also pretty sure I want the canvas monogram with dark brown leather.

    Any opinions/suggestions greatly appreciated. Nervous about making a pick I won't regret, but very excited! Thanks in advance!
  2. hi, i like this one:

  3. I think the Princy and the Bouvier are the most classic, I would go with the Princy Guccissima if you want to be able to dress it up and down.
  4. I have a special place in my heart for the Princy Brown Guccissima Hobo and the New Britt Hobo

    Look here and see why

    Check out the end of the thread Upset:sad: and you will see this posted:

    as my signature says , I live really close to the Gucci outlet , I guess I am really lucky . I tend to go every other Saturday . when I got there last Saturday , they had a new shipment , some cute Guccissima , but the others were canvas . I do not like the canvas , had a bad experience with mine. but if u guys are looking for something specific .. email me , I don't mind looking for you.

    By any chance do you remember what Guccissima they had and how much it was?

    in the Guccissima they had 2 , a black leather pelham for around $1100 and a large brown hobo for $729 ( its the same look as the princy hobo , just not metallic ) . I was contemplating the getting the brown one , but I walked away .

    and it the Brit , they had 2 as well.. the solid black med shoulder bag , and another one in off white .

    let me know if you are interested in any , I will be more then happy to pick it up for you.
    email :

    Also all the Gucci outlets ship to anywhere in the US for $10 all you have to do is call them. But just be warned all outlet purchases are "All Sales Final" You can not return it. But you will get a great deal.
  5. Thanks for your replies! Does anyone know how to get the phone # for the Gucci outlet? Where are they??
  6. thanks SO much!!

  7. You are VERY welcome. That is what we are all here for. Good Luck and please keep us updated on what you end up getting.
  8. i like the Princy
  9. i like the New britt medium hobo
  10. Definitely the Britt!!
  11. I like the bouvier!
  12. Well, I went to the Gucci store today with a friend of mine to try them on and pick one out. I think I'm leaning toward the Jackie (which nobody has picked!). I kind of like the Bouvier clasp a little better (otherwise they seem to look the same), but they don't carry that one in the States and I'm not sure what the price will be in Europe (I'll be in Europe in 2 weeks for vacation) especially with the dollar being weak compared to the Euro.

    They only had the display "Jackie", but she said they'd be getting more in the next week and would call me, so I decided to wait. But I could still change my mind!

    Any cons to the Jackie? It seems very "classic" for my first designer bag.