Help me decide: Mono or DE for Speedy B

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Which Speedy B should I choose?

  1. Monogram 30

  2. Damier Ebene 30

  3. Monogram 35

  4. Damier Ebene 35

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Speedy B has been on my wish list for a while and I'm considering getting one soon. (Yay! :biggrin:) The only problem is, I don't know if I should choose Mono or DE.
    So I need your help: what are the pros and cons of mono and DE canvas?

    Here are my thoughts:
    - I have the white Kusama speedy, so if I got the mono, I could wear the strap also with my Kusama.
    - But I'm not sure if I would feel comfortable walking around with the mono canvas... It's so recognizable and I don't live in a big city so it might make me uncomfortable.
    - Generally, I like DE much more and the dark leather strap would be more sensible for a snowy winter weather.
    - I think the DE might be more versatile and go with more outfits and colors.
    - But despite all of the above I can't help loving the speedy b in mono! (The weird thing is I'm not a mono girl at all and never thought I would get a bigger bag in the mono canvas.)

    Which one would you go with and why?

    Also, which would be a better size for an everyday bag: 30 or 35?
  2. I have the speedy b in Damier in my wish list.. Some folks have posted some pics in other threads and they look super cute! For some reason I don't like the look of the speedy b in mono, I think the strap makes it look sporty and when bought my speedy 25 in mono, I was looking for a handbag I could wear to dinners out. I like the classic look without the strap.

    30 vs 35, not sure didn't really look beyond 30 as I already have my delightful GM for occasions when I need to bring a lot of stuff.
  3. I have the mono Speedy B 35 so I voted for a 35 but I do also love the 30 & will probably get a DE in a 30. GL choosing
  4. Ohhh this is my dilemma as well at the moment but i'm inclining on DE as i already have a mono speedy and got colour transfer on the piping from my jeans. Thats why I'm considering DE for speedy B coz i'm sure it'll touch my jeans when i use it with long strap. And as for the size i'm thinking 30 because i have a 35 and i feel it's a little too big at times, except for casual wear :smile:
  5. mono...
  6. I would say that kusuma bags are way more out there than monogram!
  7. i voted for de 35
  8. I personally like a Speedy - any Speedy - in monogram. However, as the Speedy B is more nontraditional, I would say that because of all your pros and cons, you should go with the Damier Ebene. I can see that aesthetically you like it better, as well as for its functionality.

    Also, I like the 35.
  9. can you show me the pictures? :roflmfao:to help you
  10. Oh! I hadn't even thought about color transfer. Thanks for your input and GL with your choice!:smile:
  11. Thank you all for your votes and input! I'm leaning towards the DE but all the problems I've read about here with the hardware and the zippers make me uncertain.

    You can see the photos on the LV website and in the Speedy B club in the club section of tpf.
  12. I vote speedy b 30 in mono. You sound like you're trying to justify the de while what you really want is the mono! I think the de is just as recognizable as mono for being "LV" if that was one of your concerns... I also think mono is more versatile than de, I think de can be too dark to wear with lighter coloured clothes. GL choosing!
  13. I just exchanged my speedy B 30 in DE for the mono. I have a speedy 30 (no strap) and use it all the time with jeans and have NO color transfer and no issues with the piping. The DE canvas on the one I returned seemed thinner ,the hardware not matching was more noticeable on the DE and there was a little bubbling on the leather on the sides. I would say the Kusama is more out there than the mono so if you are comfortable carrying the Kusama the LV should be no problem.
  14. Get the bag you really want, not the one you need to convince yourself about. You know which one you actually prefer, right?

    As for size, I vote for 30. It fits a lot and is a nice size. 35 seems really big to me, like luggage so am not a fan.
  15. I voted for the Mono 30. I have this bag and love it, since the vachetta has started to patina it looks so rich and classy. The 30 is the perfect size and I'm still sometimes shocked that I can fit so much in it. But it doesn't look bad when I only have a few things in it.

    All that being said, all your choices are great and you just can't go wrong with a speedy or speedy b. Good luck!