Help me decide- Mono Neverfull MM or totally PM?

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  1. I am new to LV, and am planning on buying my first bag this weekend! I used to be into Coach, but have grown tired of the brand and am looking for a change. I have decided to get either the Neverfull MM or the totally PM. For those of you that have/had both, which one do you prefer? This would be my everyday bag and I have two small children. I am torn about which one to get because I like the look of the Neverfull, especially when the sides are cinched, but don't necessarily like the open top and have heard that the sides don't stay cinched all the time. I'm worried about the totally though because it has more vachetta, and I'm afraid that it will get dirtier faster. Also, I have already decided for sure that I'm getting the map bandeau scarf in prune. Which bag do you think the scarf would look better on? Any help would be greatly appreciated :smile:.
  2. Totally is my "practical" bag that I carry when I am out all day with my kiddos and I prefer it over my Neverfull because of the side pockets (keys and phone) and the zip.
  3. I vote for Totally -- please do a reveal when you get your new LV and bandeau!!
  4. I would say Totally is easier to use because of the zipper and the pockets. Also you should consider the MM size if you need to lug around stuff for the kids. The Totally PM is more of an everyday purse for your essentials but not big enough for all the kid's stuff.
  5. I have 2 small boys, and own the NF MM. I am totally fine with the no zipper and don't cinch the sides, and I find it such an easy bag to carry around. My vote is for the NF as long as you are okay with the cons that you already are aware of. If those cons bother you to the point where you would be unhappy, I'd get the Totally MM so that you have more room for your kid's extras...unless you don't carry much generally...

    As for the bandeau, I personally think it would look better on the Totally - because of the thicker straps and squarer shape of the Totally...although I'm not saying it won't look nice on the NF :smile:
  6. I like the Totally.
  7. It seems like the totally might fit your needs better, but I would consider the MM size too.
  8. Neverfull MM over totally PM--but if it came down to the the NF or Totally MM, that would be a tougher decision. Love the NF, though!!
  9. I love the NF for work. Holds files and laptop perfectly. But for kids I say Totally.
  10. Totally! NF straps are uncomfortable with too much stuff in them
  11. Totally
  12. i vote for totally!
  13. The Totally, has a full zipper closure, side pockets and more comfortable shoulder straps.
  14. I love the Totally PM (have one in azur!) but I must say it is not a very big bag, so if you carry a lot, especially kids' stuff, you may want to consider the MM.
  15. neverfull MM!!! i have the NF MM in azur and it is the perfect size. i do not wear it cinched and find it incredibly useful for taking to work (i carry all of my 'purse' items, heels to change into once i'm in the office, sometimes paperwork). It's the perfect size for my everyday needs!

    the prune mono map bandeau is gorgeous. i got it for my amarante alma. although i'm not crazy about the totally, i think that the bandeau would look better with the totally.

    definitely try both on and see which you think would fit your needs the best once you've had a chance to see them IRL. good luck deciding! cannot wait to see the reveal of your first LV!