help me decide.. miu miu, tod's or LV? :)

  1. Hi ladies. :smile: i had a great day combing the boutiques yesterday and i've decided to get a new bag. would appreciate any comments and suggestions on the options below. I can only afford ONE out of the four lovelies right now. sighhh....

    Some background info:
    - i'm 24, petite (5 ft 1 1/2), asian, from singapore
    - i only own one deisgner bag right now, which i totally adore - the Tod's Carey Media in white
    - i would like my next bag to be relatively low maintenance, as my current bag isn't exactly a total breeze to maintain, being white and all
    - price is an important consideration to me, but not the be all and end all. i'm looking for the best value-for-money, and not the cheapest in terms of numbers.

    ok, here goes :graucho:

    1) Tod's Small Besonville in Brown


    Going for SG$2100 (US$1355). if it goes on sale during the end of season sale in december, it'll be 30% off.

    - Tod's superior Italian craftsmanship and quality
    - i absolutely love the leather
    - elegant, classy, versatile design that isn't too boring or too fussy

    - i already have a lovely Tod's. some variety in my budding collection would be nice.
    - if i decide to get this, i would wanna wait till december to see if it goes on sale. but i want a bag.... pronto!
    - it may not even be available by the time the sale comes along

    2) Miu Miu bow satchel in smoke grey


    (sorry, couldn't find a suitable pic of the grey one....)

    going for S$1770 (US$1142)

    - very interesting design
    - i love the smoke grey colour
    - leather felt nice (but the Tod's still felt more... luxurious...)

    - i'm not sure if smoke grey will still available in the boutique. it's been selling like hotcakes. i'm not in love with any of the other colours.
    - i'm not sure about the quality and craftsmanship of miu miu bags as i'm very new to the brand. could someone enlighten me please?
    - the bow satchel i tried on in the boutique did not look good on me.... i think it looked better on the shelf :sad:

    3) Miu Miu gathered satchel in smoke grey

    here -->

    same comments as for the bow satchel, except that this one looked better on me (i think the size was more suitable). i prefer the design of the bow satchel though...

    4) LV damier speedy 25


    going for SG$950 (US$613)

    - cheapest of the lot
    - lowest maintenance of the lot, worry free
    - timeless, versatile design

    - the most common in singapore amongst these 4 bags. i see at least one damier speedy and several mono speedies everyday
    - i generally don't like my bags to yell its brand. although the damier is understated compared to the mono, it's still very distinctive of LV, and relatively recognisable especially in singapore where the brand is very popular.
    -i love the look and feel of high quality leather but the speedy is mostly canvas

    .... which one should i get? :smile: thanks ladies.
  2. Miu Miu for me personally but i really think you need to decide what YOU think looks good on you :smile:
  3. miu miu bow satchel....looks more unique to me than the gathered satchel. Next up would be the Tod's in that yummy blue - that is an amazing looking bag!

    ETA: oops! The blue isn't in the running!! The brown is quite nice too, but since you have a tod's maybe the gathered satchel as second choice...
  4. I would say the Miu Miu satchel as well. really great color for fall and I love satchels. Good lucka nd let us know what you are going to choose!!!
  5. i love the miu miu gathered satchel! love the color, the design, everything about it. good luck on your decision!
  6. Personally, I like the Tod's. I agree with you that EVERYONE has the LV bags, which somehow bothers me. I like the Miu Miu, but think the Tod's is just more classic. I'm also wondering why the Miu Miu is in the running if you tried it on and didn't like it. Why would another one be different?

    Ultimately, of course, this is just about whatever you like. All are good bags -- no bad choices here!
  7. For me personally it's the Miu Miu, I love their designs, quality, colours and just the brand in general. You can wear the bow satchel as a top handle bag, shoulder bag or cross your body so it's the most versatile of those three.

    I'm not too keen on Tod's bags, and everyone and their dog has an LV (real or fake). I suppose I'm just biased towards Miu Miu :p
  8. I have both the Miu Miu bow satchel and the Damier Speedy, and I vote for the Miu Miu. I love my Speedy, and it's my go-to rainy day bag,'s not leather (except for the handles). My bow satchel (light brown) is extremely well made, the leather is really thick and soft, and it smells heavenly. It is a larger bag, and a bit heavier, but the style will take you everywhere from casual to dressy.
  9. I like the Miu Miu one. I have the Damier Speedy, I love it. Though that Miu Miu is amazing!
  10. I vote for the Tods, love them, own several! You can pick up a Bensonville New on eBay for $400 to $500. I was at the Tods outlet recently and they had Bensonvilles for $750.00. Google it, I'm sure you will find it online on sale. This bag is not counterfeited so you need not worry about getting a fake.

    The Mui Mui is nice but not classic enough if all you have is 2 bags. The LV, everyone and their mother has an LV and 1/2 of them are fake.

    Good luck!
  11. I'm an LV addict, but I do NOT like Damier, and that Miu Miu bag is beautiful!
  12. Tods! I know it's not in the running, but that blue is gorgeous!
  13. If the bag were for me, I would pick the Miu Miu. I think it's the cutest one. The Tods would be second. I like it. It's practical and classic but with still young and not old ladyish (which I think some Tods bags are). I really don't care for LV so I'm biased.

    Since you are the one that the bag is for, it sounds like you really want the Tods. Go for the Tods and get it now. Don't worry about the price if it's what you really want.

    Good luck! Let us know which one you choose.
  14. I am a LV fanatic and have the damier speedy...but I say the Miu Miu! I was checking that bag out in grey! Gorgeous!
  15. miu miu bow in smoke!