HELP me decide...miroir vs chanel

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  1. Hi all!

    I'm in a dilemma and I would love your opinion on a silver miroir speedy VS a chanel medium classic with silver hardware.

    I'm not sure if my store will have enough bags for everyone on the waitlist, eventhough I did it back in june! So, I'm kinda undecided on the miroir because I haven't seen it IRL.

    What bag would you choose? Thanks!
  2. You should go see Mirror, see if you like it in person. This line is very limited, so if you like it, you should get it. Chanel classic flap is always available, it's their regular line. You can get it later if yo want them.
  3. Yup, I agree with wintotty.
  4. MIR.ROIR. Chanel's are always around really, especially classic styles, etc. The Miroir Speedy (and whole line for that matter) is super super rare! And you can probably get a classic Chanel or something in Chanel so similar to the one yer looking at any time. This is once in a lifetime! Try for it definately. If by some chance you can't get it, ok get the Chanel...but go for the Miroir with determination!

    Besides, Lutie, my soon-to-be Silver Speedy Miroir will need a twin brother or sister so now you have to get one cause if you don't, he will feel sad and abandoned! Do you want him to cry? DO YOU!??!!! Hehehehe. :P
  5. I agree with the others, Chanel will always be there, Miroir won't!
  6. CHANEL! For two reasons: classic and timeless!:love:
  7. I vote for chanel :smile:
  8. Get the Miroir!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yes: Chanel is easy to find unless it's a new style like the Coco Cabas. The Miroir is hot, new, & so hard to find. I hope that you get it!!!!!!!!!!!! :love:
  9. Definitely Chanel.
  10. Chanel! I'm starting to get a big hard-on for Chanel. I am kind of over LV, nothing (except azur) has really turned me on lately.
  11. For those who have seen the mirior IRL and aside from the limited availability, just by looks, which bag is a better choice?
  12. It really depends on many factors. Like LV_addict said, Chanel is classic and timeless. You can buy that bag all year round unlike LV Mirior. If you're a serious collector, then it's a must-have. You may want to think what is the main purpose of using the bag. Speedy offers more room than flap. Also, I think it's very challenging to pull the Mirior off with any outfits.
  13. Plus, all the hype and the SA not revealing info on the miroir somewhat bothers me! I've spoken to many and some are so unsure or they don't know what's going on or its like one big secret...

    I still haven't received a call from my SA. I'm getting disappointed I guess...
  14. I would say Chanel.. its timeless! :yes: No offence to the Mirror fans but i think the mirror line runs a high risk of looking out of place in the future because it is shiny and very reflective.. Just my 2 cents worth..:shame::shame: