Help me decide; Maxi vs Coco Handle

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  1. Hi,

    I can't have both in my collection.
    I have a Maxi but drooling on the Coco Handle.
    If I am to sell the Maxi and get the Coco Handle...would I regret it?

    Appreciate your opinions and advices on this. Thank you in advance.
  2. I have the coco handle and I absolutely love it.
  3. Is it a single or double maxi?
  4. I meant single or double flap?
  5. The coco handle has been very popular but there is some concern about the larger bags not holding their shape. The maxi is lined in leather and the newer Coco handles are not.....
  6. Maxi! It is a classic bag, lined in leather. Coco handle is made very very cheap with thin plasticy leather.
  7. normally i would say maxi cause its classic!! but you cant deny coco handle is sooooooo pretty and function!!!!
  8. Keep the maxi!
  9. Depending on why you are selling it and how often you use maxi

    To me...maxi is simply too heavy
  10. I would stick with the Maxi. It's such a classic bag and so versatile, and I think it may outlast the Coco handle in design and functionality.
  11. The maxi....I love the classic style.
  12. I would keep the maxi.
  13. I would keep the maxi. Fabric lined Chanel's just don't feel as luxurious. I have the lizard handle coco handle which is leather lined but I don't like the regular coco handle
  14. I don't think this is even a choice lol. Maxi! It's a classic flap and isn't like twice more than the coco? Why would you even consider a seasonal bag?
  15. It is the double.