Help me decide! LV, Chanel or Dior

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Which bag should I get?

  1. LV OnTheGo Empreinte Noir GM

  2. Chanel Gabrielle Backpack White/Black

  3. Dior Book Tote

  1. Hi all! I am currently undecided about which bag I should get next. I am a big Chanel & Dior lover and own a few pieces from both brands. I currently do not own any LV. The OTG tote caught my eye and when I tried it on it was love at first sight. I was never really into LV but the moment I tried this on, LV won my heart. And since this bag is seasonal, it is triggering me to get it soon, as I know I probably wont have a chance to buy it in the future in stores (unless i go resale market).

    The Dior book tote seems like a classic and popular among many. One reason why I am hesitant on a dior book tote is because their designs lately have become rather commonplace, with the usual "christian dior" plastered all over several of their products. But I have friends who tell me otherwise and I should get it because it is a classic book tote.

    The Chanel I have my eyes on is the black and white gabrielle backpack. It looks really fun and cute and can be carried in several ways. I owned the same one in beige and black previously, but sold it away to fund another bag. I regretted it and now that this bag is back on my list I am in a dilemma as to which bag to get.

    These bags are currently in my collection:
    Small CF, Medium CF, Jumbo CF, Gabrielle Hobo, Boy, Trendy CC, Deauville.

    Saddle, 30 Montaigne

    TL/DR: Huge chanel lover but in a dilemma whether to get LV, or another Chanel.


    Images I got off google/ boutique sites.
  2. These are hard to choose between as they are actually all nice. The backpack lends itself to the Gabrielle design the best. It's also difficult to compare it to the two tote bags.

    As per your comment about the "Christian Dior" logo, the LV tote is quite similar with its huge LV monogram. The Chanel has the usual CC with quilting and leather-interlaced chain design. It's the brands using their logos in full force.

    Of these three, I picked the Gabrielle. I would normally pick the Dior as I am a huge Dior fan, and I really like this black all-leather OTG LV tote too. However, they are both large tote bags, and unless you carry a lot when you go out, the smaller Chanel may be more practical.

    If you still want the tote style instead, then pick the LV if you want shoulder straps, or pick the Dior if you want something that makes a statement.
  3. I don't like open totes and adore Chanel so I am biased and would pick the Gabriëlle backpack. Because it looks more like a bucketbag than a backpack I think it looks very summery. It also is the only bag you already owned and you regret selling it, to fund another bag. Not because you didn't love it.
  4. If you’re looking for a tote, I would suggest the LV OTG because it has longer shoulder straps and handles that drop down (unlike the Dior). If you’re concerned with the size or large LV monogram logo, they also have an OTG in black epi leather in the smaller MM size. Something about the OTG is really striking to me and I’m debating whether or not to get one too, so I may be a little biased :smile:.
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  5. The Empreinte Black OnTheGo is very beautiful, but it will also be quite heavy. I would buy it if only they offered it in MM size. I would like to see more items offered in oversized black empreinte.

    I do not like the Dior book tote with the LOUD and obvious "Christian Dior" written on it. :sad:

    The white/black Gabrielle backpack is cute, I like it better than the beige/black version of it.
  6. I would go between the Gabrielle backpack and the OTG, depending on how much stuff you need to be able to fit. One thing I've found with the Gabrielle base (I've got the hobo, not the backpack) is it actually scratches more easily than I thought. Small scratches, but if that's the sort of thing that would bother you, beware!

    If you're using it for work and need to keep a laptop, files, etc., the OTG would be a better fit for you. I just bought an OTG GM in February (reverse mono) and I absolutely love it; it's my new workhorse bag and I stare at it lovingly every morning as I'm working from home, yearning for the day I'll be wearing it out again.
  7. I voted for OTG. I have the OTG in the black empreinte leather and after a long debate of whether or not to keep it, I LOVE IT. The leather is very high quality and I like the look of the "muted" ;) giant logo compared to the Dior logo - it also has shoulder straps which the book tote does not, so that's why I ruled out the book tote. It is one of my few LV pieces, and like you I prefer Chanel. I can't speak to the Gabrielle, but my opinion is that you should buy what serves the best function for you: tote if you have a laptop, water bottle, files, etc, but backpack if your needs are more minimal as others have also noted.

    Also - WOW to your Chanel collection. I love that you have such a diverse set of bags.

    Good luck deciding!
  8. Thank you all for your replies! It’s really been of great help and I appreciate all of your replies.

    I think one reason im hesitant about the dior book tote is because i have a saddle bag with the “christian dior” words on it already, and getting a book tote with the same words on it would seem like a waste of money.
    The LV empreinte noir OTG, while it has the LV logo debossed all over the bag, would be something different in my collection. I guess the real struggle here would be between the LV and the backpack.

    I see that most votes now go to the gabrielle and my heart is really leaning to it. I’d love to own both bags eventually though!
  9. The Chanel will have the most staying power, if that’s a concern for you. I would get the Gabrielle, personally, but if money were no object and I could buy bags that are on the trendier side I think the Dior book tote is a really cool bag. All three are great options. Good luck!
  10. If You want a Tote I would go LV
  11. I was on the fence between the book tote and Gabrielle backpack as well and I’ve decided to go with the backpack (I wanted the same colour combo)! The only downside is I believe Chanel stopped making the white with black backpacks (been waiting since last October) so you may have to go with preloved ones.
  12. The LV as it sounds like that’s the one your heart lies with and you said that you don’t have any LV bags.