Help me decide! *Long post! Sorry...*

  1. Hi gals! I live in a town with no LV stores whatsoever. Sad, I know, and because of this I have bought LV from other sources available to me: "Previously loved", buying abroad when traveling etc. Yesterday I called LV in Stockholm and talked to the most lovely girl ever, and she will handle mail orders for me. Happy? You bet.

    Now comes the 'financial issue'. I can't have everything at once of course. Well, I guess it will be more fun in the end to spread it out some anyway...

    The list with 'want-it-now' items contains:
    * Reade PM in Amarante
    * Epi Alma in Ivoire
    * Fleurs Key Holder
    * Pochette Cosmétique
    * Pochette Accessoires in Azur
    * Speedy 30 in Azur
    * Speedy 30 in Mini Lin Ebene
    * Multicolore 4-keys holder
    * Pastel Sweet Monogram Bracelet
    * Sweet Flowers Carré in Blue
    * Lurex Monogram Shawl

    It is summer still, right? And I crave a white bag. I think the Alma is so classy and gorgeous. However, I have wanted a Speedy 30 Azur since the day it came out. Both I consider being summer bags though. Pro's and con's girls? Please consider that I live in Sweden = Rain! This "summer" I bet we have had 70 % rainy days... So how does the epi cope with a few water drops?

    Should I go for both the Speedy Azur and the Alma, or only one, consider the maybe-not-so-versatile color in a Nordic country? Or should I only buy the Azur Pochette instead?

    This month I have approx 9000 SEK (~ USD 1250) to spend. Should I go for Alma only, or buy Mini Lin Ebene and the Shawl? Or Azur Pochette and Reade PM? Or...?

    Is it really healthy spending so much time planning this? :p
  2. Haha, then i'm very unhealthy as well planning what to buy next.

    I vote speedy azur 30, going to be a classic and you can never go wrong with that. Plus, i just bought it so i'm biased. =) Maybe top it off with a keyholder or a shawl.

    I do think that epi alma ivoire is darn pretty and brilliant. It's just so classy imo. Don't think i'll be of much help anyways being so undecisive!! Anyways, good luck!! :yes:
  3. I do have the LVOE bandeau as well that would be a killer with the Azur... *sigh*

    Thank you for your opinion anyways ;) And congratulations to your Azur!!!
  4. I have an Epi speedy, So I would sugggest the Epi Alma. It is a beautiful bag and can handle some rain . If your worried about the color just get a white or light color winter jacket and voila your bag is now winter white. May I also suggest the alma in Damier. I have this bag and it is great in bad weather also . The azur is wonderful but you do have to watch out for the handles on it.
  6. Well....I say go for the Azur speedy!!!! You seem to really want it...and shouldn't let the rin get in the way!!! really can be worn year round!!
  7. Hmmm, pleasant problems.. I have the azur speedy 30 myself, and I love it - a classic, and I am planning to use it all year round - would recommend anyday. Still, there is the problem with Swedish west coast weather - after this summer, I must say that I haven't been able to use it as much as I wanted to, since I dont want rain stains on the vachetta. Due to this, maybe the alma is a better choice, you could still get an azur pochette or mini pochette if you want an azur item, and azur will look so cute together with the alma.

    And I agree that LV Stockholm is great, they are super nice!

    Good luck, let us know what you decide!
  8. 1st vote ~ azur speedy 30
    2nd ~ epi ivorie alma
    they r beautiful...... :smile:
  9. I'll say - go for the Azur Speedy. Its's beautiful, casual and classic all in one. And since you have been craving for it from day one... Then there's nothing to consider...

    Good luck on your purchase.
  10. My recommendation is Epi Alma...with a mini Azur accessory pochette. That would be a wonderful combination...perfect for year around I would think.
  11. I have both your top 2 bags and I love them both. I like the Alma a bit more though, I just love the glamourous shape. I also live in a city where it rains constantly but I can see myself carrying it in the winter!
  12. I like the epi alma in ivoire.....i'd trade my cannelle alma for that one in a second.....good luck !
  13. Tank you all so much for your opinions. I have made up my mind for the first 'lot' with due date late August / early September. I called Louis Vuitton yesterday, and they will hopefully get back to me today with delivery date.

    I will of course post pictures! :graucho:

    The next purchase is planned for the October / November break. Will keep you updated...