Help me decide-lilac envelope clutch, anthracite shoulder or sandstone shoulder

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what to get next???

  1. Lilac envelope clutch

  2. Anthracite shoulder

  3. Sandstone shoulder

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  1. Title says it all.....what should my 2nd Bal be???? Just bought 08 BC City!
  2. Lilac for me - just because I like the colour the best :smile:

    but do you prefer to have your hands free? Obviously the shoulder will be more comfortable when you go to BBQ or such as you can just sling it on your shoulder...but with the clutch, you gotta hold on to it...
  3. I truly can't decide! Which is the problem lol and unfortunately I can't afford them all :sad: Both have pros and cons for me....the clutch like you said you have to hold onto but then the shoulder is significantly (?) smaller. Can you fit a blackberry into the shoulder? Love both the sandstone and lilac color and both seem like they would be very versatile.

    I was considering the traveller as well but can't seem to find one in a color that I like and I have NO patience!
  4. LOL
    I hear you :smile:

    I am sure blackberry can fit into you have the MU? It's the same size as the shoulder but without the strap...

    I personally like Lilac better - seems more girly :P

    Well traveller has the same structure with envelope, so perhaps you can get shoulder and a traveller? :graucho:

  5. Will the lilac get dirty quicker if I am constantly handling the bag??? Arggghhh I am sooo torn. I wish the shoulder was slightly bigger and it would be a no brainer.
  6. Is there a lilac envelope clutch ? I haven't heard of this combination before.
  7. maybe it is a different type of clutch....sorry it's all new to me lol! Looks to have a long flap down the front and a wider inside compartment?
  8. I'm just wondering about the color since 09 lilac (light purple) was only made for I think, the City, CGH City, First, Day, and GCH Day. lol.
  9. It IS a different type of clutch....I have no idea what though??? The front flap does come all the way down on the front and lines up with the bottom of the bag.
  10. I vote Anthra Shoulder!! It will match with everything and is worry-free.

    I have two Shoulders; they are my "bar" bags. Love that they fit over the shoulder, or you can double up the strap and carry as a wristlet. I can easily fit my Blackberry and iPhone (always have to carry both, unfortunately) as well as lip gloss, keys, cards and cash.

    Perfect for a night out!!!
  11. I think its a Traveler wallet or something, cute.

    I voted for Sandstone Shoulder. It's small, yet holds the essentials and is a great weekend or nights out bag.
  12. Ooooh gotcha! Lol. Very pretty.
  13. The lilac is the envelope clutch and it looks like 06 lilac. It's gorgeous but quite a bit bigger than the shoulder. It's also totally handheld, no strap.

    I have both (if you do a search in the modeling thread for "shoulder" and "envelope" you should be able to find them) and while I love the envelope I certainly get more use out of my two shoulder bags. They are the best clutches because they work so well hand-held as well as carried on the shoulder. They fit my essentials easily. I love sandstone but anthra is nice too. Tough choice, all three are gorgeous.
  14. I voted Envelope Clutch just because I prefer that style over the Shoulder.
    I recently got an Envelope myself and I absolutely love it.
  15. I voted for the lilac envelope because if I saw someone holding that bag at a party, I would want one. It would look very feminine, creative and classy.