Help me decide... Legacy wristlet in pond or black?

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  1. I could use some opinions! I'm ordering my Legacy shoulder bag in pond tomorrow. I want a wristlet too. Should I get the black wristlet that will match more bags or the pond which will match fewer bags but still be cute? (I have a black leather shoulder bag too) Thanks for your help! :yes:
  2. :yahoo: Hooray!! Someone is getting the POND shoulder bag!!! I can't wait to see pics!!

    Hmmm... I really am wondering how much longer I can hold out, but I am really, really trying to wait a bit longer.

    Anyhow - I say either would work well... since the pond would be a nice color contrast inside of either black or brown bags and black would be subtle enough to go with most things. (I am thinking personally about ordering the pond wristlet.) Sorry, not much help. Just excited you are getting the shoulder bag!:yes:
  3. black!
  4. pond...just cuz it's different
  5. Definitely pond!
  6. Pond!
  7. Pond! It is different and the color is gorgeous.
  8. Thanks so much, ladies! Looks like pond is winning!! I am sooo excited, I can hardly stand it!!! I wish we had one of those little smilies that jumps up and down! That's how I feel right now!!! :yahoo: :happydance: :choochoo: :rochard: :party:
  9. Pond, pond, POND!!! I think you will find the color matches with more than you think - anything matches a black bag, and brown and blue is a hot combination, too. So you can't lose!
  10. My vote is for pond!:yes:
  11. Pond!
  12. Pond :love:
  13. from one pond lover to another !!

    pond !
  14. pond!!! it's the prettiest color :smile:
  15. Pond--that way, it will be easier to find any accessories in the bag that are black.