HELP me decide!! Legacy flap vs. legacy shoulder bag


Flap v. Shoulder Bag

  1. Flap

  2. Shoulder Bag

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  1. I don't know which one of these two to get:


    i would get it in whiskey.

    Pros for flap:
    smaller, so better for going out at night
    less expensive

    Pros for Shoulder Bag:
    can hold a book, so more usable
    Flap is no bigger than a clutch I already own and wear when I go out at night

    Which one would you girls choose? Thanks!
  2. I vote shoulder bag, but I'm bias - I just got one and am waiting for it to arrive! If I were to get the flap, I'd get it in the kakhi/black. Just my opinion. I think you'd use the shoulder bag a lot more - it's pretty roomy.
  3. I've got the whiskey shoulder bag and it's GREAT! I love it. Very versatile, holds a lot, and the whiskey is such a great colour.
  4. Go for the shoulder!
  5. I LOVE small bags and the flap is even too small for me.

    I vote Shoulder
  6. I voted for the Flap because I just got one and I love it! But, it really depends on how much you carry. The Flap is very small and you'll be quite limited on how much you can get in there. The Shoulder is much roomier (but also bulkier).
  7. I voted for the flap too...I have that bag in the rose and I adore it. Plus...I try to stick to smaller bags for everyday use because if I carry a larger bag...I fill it up and its HEAVY!
  8. I vote for the shoulder bag. I think the flap is a little too small.
  9. shoulder bag...
  10. I'm biased, but shoulder bag!!
  11. They are both great bags! I guess it depends on how much stuff you carry. I would get the shoulder bag just because I like to have the extra space. Maybe you could get a wristlet for going out?
  12. I'm also voting for the shoulder bag. I have it in whiskey and absolutely love it. I love it I'm getting another one in Pond this week.
  13. I like the look of the flap better. Get what your gut tells you to though. :yes: