help me decide ladies!!!

  1. as much i would want to buy all three, my funds would only allow me to buy one. which one should i get? i am in search of a logo-free oversized bag. im 5'1 and weighs only 80 pounds so some regular-sized bags already look oversized to me.. haha! :biggrin: im not really after the function, or what it can hold, since ill just probably put my phone, wallet, a few stuff (powder, blush), a little notebook maybe...

    1. balenciaga city in white - i'm balenciaga-virgin! i don't own one yet! and i'll get a good deal on this one, brand new.
    2. chloe edith whiskey - it is slightly used and has a 2-inch scratch on the leather, but ill pay only $800 for it!
    3. YSL muse - ill be paying a little more (ok, much more)... :yes: i kinda like the personalized one with my initials, but i have 4 YSL bags already...

    there's no balenciaga and chloe stores here in our country so if i pass up on these two and if i decide to buy one eventually, i would be spending so much more... what do you think ladies??

  2. Balenciaga! You will love it! You might have to be careful if you're getting a white one though, it may dirty easily.
  3. yup that's what i am thinking too, yhassan! a friend told me about it getting dirty easily, but i feel that ill get to use it more often if it's white... so i guess ill just have to be extra careful if ever i decide to get the balenciaga. thanks yhassan! :smile:

    it's really hard for me to decide coz i haven't seen the muse in person, and the edith - I just saw somebody carrying it and i didn't get to feel the leather. (oh i almost wanted to ask her if i can touch her bag but that would be really weird....) the balenciaga, i only tried carrying it for a few seconds and didn't really inspect the bag....
  4. I vote for balenciaga too. I think it would be a nice bag for the summer. They are all great bags though.
  5. Balenciaga! I am also only 5'1 - and I love my balenciaga city - mine's black. I had a pale rose and I sold it (not a pink person). Totally go for the balenciaga - they are so luscious and soft!

    Editted to say that you can get a balenciaga bag from balenciaga USA in manhattan, Barneys, or Neiman Marcus. I was on a waitlist for mine all over NY and NJ (I'm in NY), where these bags are UBER popular and hard to get. Fortunately a friend of mine in LA was friends with an SA at Barneys in Beverly Hills, so mine was shipped to me from there. I don't know if they ship out of the US, but it's worth a try, no?
  6. I'd go for the white Balenciaga - gorgeous! :love:
  7. thanks whatzerface! =) perfect! it's like summer here all year round!

    LivinLuxury, thanks! =) i also considered getting the black city -- it's so classy!! but i had to take that out of my list because i don't really wear a lot of blacks... m sure you're luvin yours!!

    HeatherMarie18, thanks! more and more are voting for the balenciaga!

    keep the comments comin! :smile:
  8. Definitely the white Balenciaga!!
  9. Balenciaga without a doubt! I have a white Twiggy. Bbags in white are gorgeous!
  10. The Balenciagia, without a doubt. You said it is a really good deal but make sure that it is authentic, beware of the "superfakes".
  11. I vote for Muse.
  12. Muse! I have B-bags and the Muse, and I would pick the Muse anytime if I had to pick only one bag when I run out of the house in case of fire :biggrin:
  13. I'd pick the Bbag ... every bag addict needs at least one Balenciaga in the collection.
  14. The B bag :love:
  15. thanks kat, Shyloo, bag.lover and nextnewface! :smile:

    TammyD, how's the Muse bag? how's the feel of the leather? ohhh don't leave the B bag behind, im sure you can carry both in case of fire! :P

    asl_bebes, i agree... :yes: i don't have one yet and i know i have to have one... it's just soo hard to choose because all three are gorgeous! :shame: