Help me decide - keep or sell Tomato Red Venetia?

  1. I had been waiting for a long time to buy a Tomato Red Blake, but decided on the Venetia when there was the post about NM LC San Diego and how it had a Tomato Red Venetia. I called them, used my 30% off coupon, and got it for about $500 shipped (including tax)!! Insane price.

    Now, here's my conundrum: I'm not quite sure I totally love it. Before everyone tells me I should just return it because I don't love it on sight, I must confess - I have never really ever loved a bag on sight! (Maybe that's why I didn't like my SO when I first met him. :roflmfao:) I am, hands down, the most indecisive person on earth. In fact, I didn't think much of my M by MJ Beth Hobo or my Dark Brown Hudson when I first saw them (in fact, I thought the Hudson's stripes were totally fugly), but now I am passionately in love with both of them, especially the Hudson! Yes, I'm really weird like that. :shrugs:

    So the questions are: (1) should I keep this? and (2) is this authentic? (I'm pretty sure it is b/c of the riri zippers and suede lining, which is why I didn't post it in the Authentication forum, but I'm confused as to why the tag would say "Tomatoe" instead of "Tomato Red.")



    Look at the scuffed hardware! :sad: For the price, I don't really mind though.


    Yes, I should clean my mirrors (heehee). This is a shot in natural light.

    Shot with flash (the real color is somewhere in between the shot under natural light and the shot with flash)
  2. OMGoodness, this looks incredible on you! I think your price was a steal (for brand new) and the color is eye poppingly gorgeous. I am sure this will quickly become one of your favorites!! A red bag is timeless! You always see a few on the runways for fall especially!!

    (ps. I jealous!! ha, seriously! I was also thinking of getting one of the tomato venetias and I think price made me talk myself out of it... but $500 I say enjoy in good health!!)
  3. OMG! That bag is absolutely gorgeous and fits you beautifully. I can't really help you decide whether to keep it or not. For me, the Venetia is just too cumbersome to hope, and is extremely heavy. I prefer bags that I can put over my shoulder -- esp. for when I'm shopping, too.

    Give yourself another few days. If you don't love the bag by then, definitely return it. Even though you got a fabulous deal, if you don't love it, it's not a "great deal."
  4. My Venetia hardware scuffed badly too.


    But for that price, I'd say keep it! It is a gorgeous bag and I love the color!
  5. It does look great on you! I also love the color. My next MJ bag as to be red. Give it a few days and see if it grows on you. I think you have 30 days to return it. That sucks about the scuffed up hardware.:sad:
  6. well, i'd use it and see if i fall in love with it over the next 1-2 months...if you don't then u can always eBay it and probably at least get 400-450 since red venetias are pretty hard to come by but i get the feeling that it will grow on u :smile:
  7. When I first got my Venetia I had to use it for a week or so before it felt like me! I really love it now but it wasn't immediate. It's just such a gorgeous, classic striking bag and that red is glorious. I think you should give it a chance.
  8. That bag looks amazing on you! The color is gorgeous and the price! Wow! I would vote for keeping it.

    Off topic, I really like your shoes, where did you get them?
  9. it looks fabolous on you!! :yes:

    i'd say keep it. but it still depends on your feelings about the bag.
  10. I agree with all the other gals, this bag looks hot on you! but if you're not in love, then move on... but I would give her at least a week before deciding! And it's technically Tomatoe, not tomato for this red, as listed on the tag.
  11. ^^thithi So are there two different tomatoe/tomato reds? A "tomatoe," and a "tomato?" Interesting!
  12. i might be wrong, but i think she meant the correct name is tomatoe, not tomato. not two different ones. that is kinda confusing tho, b/c all i have ever seen is tomato
  13. I can't really tell you to keep it or let it go. If you're not loving it, I say pass and wait for the next item.

    Honestly I could care less about the bag because I kept staring at your shoes. I have those is black with the white stripe. BCBGirls right? Did you get them from Nordies? I saw them in Macys too today. I'm thinking about getting them in red too.
  14. LOL you ladies are hilarious! :roflmfao: The shoes are from PAYLESS, of all places. I believe they're knockoffs of shoes from Topshop (in the UK). I think I got them about 6 months ago, but I think they may be sold out now. I totally :heart: them but they're a little scuffed up, so I will probably have to try the Mr. Clean Eraser on them.

    As for the bag...I'll probably give it some more time, then. See if this "tomatoe" grows on me! :shrugs:

    Thanks for all the feedback and thoughtful comments! I'll be sure to keep you ladies posted!
  15. I would say return/sell it. Well, this is a little bias cause I don't really like the color to begin with. However, if you have second thought and you have been thinking alot about it then yeah, let it go. Get another bag that you really really like even though you got that bag with a very good deal!