*** Help me decide! Keep or exchange Metallic black reissue? ***


Keep or exchange the metallic black reissue for the jumbo black caviar w silver hw?

  1. Keep the reissue!

  2. Exchange it for the jumbo flap!

  3. Exchange for something else!

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  1. Insightful ladies of TPF--
    i am desperately seeking your help :yes:

    i recently purchased a metallic black 227 reissue, and am seriously loving it, but at the same time, i just can't get the jumbo classic in black caviar (w silver hw) out of my mind. That's always been my dream bag since day one, but i've never gotten around to getting one because i know its a bag that'll be around for well, forever! But with the impending price increases, i figure i should get it before the prices get waaay too ridiculous.

    i love BOTH bags equally, but can only afford to get one. I already have the grey 227 anniversary reissue, the black & gold 227 anniversary reissue and the dark silver 225 reissue. Classic flaps wise, i have a beige medium classic flap, and a cream jumbo with the bijoux chain, and also a black & gold S/S '06 washed lambskin (not quite the traditional classic flap). This metallic black reissue makes it my THIRD 227 sized reissue, and also my 2nd black reissue, whereas i don't actually have any traditional chain jumbo classic flaps at all!

    My concern is that the metallic trend isn't something that'll last forever, and much as i love the metallic black reissue now, it may not be a bag i can hand down to my daughter (haha when that times comes!!!). Whereas i know that a black classic flap truly is timeless! Plus, the jumbo is a little bit less expensive, i'll be getting a $300+ back if i exchange the reissue for the classic flap. Oh and btw, returning is not an option!

    So ladies, please please please help me decide! Put yourself in my position, and please offer your opinions on what i should do! I have till the end of this week to make up my mind! Thanks soooo much in advance :heart::heart::heart:
  2. Sounds like deep down inside, you really want the black jumbo classic, but yet find it hard to part with the blk. metallic reissue simply because its a "reissue". Since you already have a blk. reissue in 227, I'd say exchange it and go for the classic jumbo instead. The last thing you want to do is keep the reissue but not be able to get the classic jumbo out of your head and end up buying it anyways later on!

    I know the reissues are harder to come by, but I think you should go with the one you really want...and to me, it sounds like its the black jumbo classic!
  3. OMG!
    I love the metallic black 227 reissue :love:
    The black jumbo to me is kind of common and bland. But its a personal preference and we all have different things that float our boat.
    I say try them both on, spend some time in front of the mirror, have a friend model them both for you -- and then go with whatever one really thrills you :smile:
  4. was the black metallic reissue on your wishlist? i definitely see the jumbo though! go for the jumbo then....unless you don't mind paying the higher price later on.
  5. Oooh, nightshade, we are on the same boat (well, similar), I have been thinking about the black caviar Jumbo silver HW for quite a while, even before I get my Metallic black 227, since I rec'd the MB227, I have been using it for work almost everyday and I just love it....but the black Jumbo is still on my mind...I even have the pic as my desktop screen.. I am not sure If i should get it...I am worried that if I get this , I might ignore either one (unintentionally..)...I think I am more on a dilemma than you... I have a black 225 anniversary reissue.. that's all..

    If you can only keep one, I would suggest that you return the MB227 for the Jumbo:yes:, as you already own the 2 most gorgeous 227s IMO (black and grey), as I know even if I get my black jumbo at the end of the day, I would still want a grey 227...it was the very first reissue that I wanted and still want it..hehe...

    Am I helping here?? ;)
  6. Hi nightshade! It sounds like deep down you really want the jumbo classic flap. I can understand how hard it is to decide. I actually passed on the MB reissue. I really, really wanted it and still think it is TDF but I already had the caviar jumbo and dark silver reissue. Thought I should get something else to add variety and looking for something timeless. You do have 2 awesome reissues! Go with your gut feeling!
  7. It sounds like you really want the black caviar one.....the black metallic one is very nice, but it's not a classic like the caviar one.

    I passed on the metallic black flap, I was slightly leery of the longetivity of the metallic leather too. I think it's a gorgeous bag though.
  8. Metallic black is TDF, but since you already have the smaller reissue in dark silver, you should exchange for the classic flap that you've always wanted. :yes:
  9. to be honest i didnt get a black metalllic reissue because i had a jumbo black classic chanel. It is a lovely bag but you already have your share of metallics and I think you should buy the "classic" bag before the price increase. Good luck!
  10. I personally prefer a 227 reissue than jumbo flap, and it seems like metallic black is subtle enough to last the trend. But since you already have three reissues including a metallic dark silver, plus you still can't get the black jumbo out of your mind, I think you should exchange to black jumbo!
  11. I'm not a big fan of metallic bags, so I'd say get the black caviar jumbo!! I have and LOVE this bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. It sounds like you really want the jumbo caviar. I have the 227 black metallic reissue and I love it. I definitely personally prefer it to the black jumbo, but that's my preference - not yours. I have the white jumbo caviar classic and while I love it, I do find the black caviar to be a bit bland. I do believe the metallic will be a classic, because it is really not a bling bag. But again - go with what you really want.:yes:
  13. I would say go for the Jumbo since you already had 2 great reissues. I'm sure the jumbo carviar will go a longer way down than e reissues. IMHO, I think that's more wearable. I personally prefer the classics to the reissues. They dun work for me. Hope I help! :yes:
  14. That's a tough one. I voted to keep the reissue, but I do understand how it is so similar to your anniversary one. Maybe you could get the 226 metallic so it would be a little different than the 227? I am more partial to the reissues even though I do own classic flaps as well. Good luck with your decision!
  15. sounds like the jumbo is calling you!