Help me decide, Josephine or Epi Speedy

  1. Hello! This is my first post on the forum. I could really use some help. I am a Mono girl and would like to branch out to some other lines. I am torn between two bags, the Cherry Josephine PM or the Red Epi Speedy 25? I like both but can't decide. Which will hold up better? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I think the Epi will hold up better and it's a great deal if you can find a good used one.
  3. Epi speedy! It's gorgeous!
  4. My only concern that refrains me from getting a mini is that when it gets dirty, i cant just use a damp cloth to wipe it clean.
  5. Both are gorgeous. But Epi will hold up better.:yes:
  6. I would get the Josephine first since it's going to be discontinued. You can always get the the epi later.
  7. i'd say the josephine.. i just got that one in black...:smile:
  8. I'd say the Epi would hold up better. But both are really cute bags! You can't go wrong with either!
  9. :yes: :yes:
  10. ITA
  11. Epi would be more durable. I think a red epi bag would be wonderful, especially this time of year. You could also tie it into your summer wardrobe. I'm wearing red this week and wishing so badly that I had a red epi piece.:sad:
  12. epi speedy!
  13. I think the Cherry Josephine is absolute gorgeous! I have the GM myself :love: But it terms of how well they keep, I think the Epi Speedy is definetly the way to go because it's leather. :smile:
  14. Personally, I love Epi gorgeous and durable!
    So I'd say RED EPI SPEEDY yummy!!!
  15. i say go for the josephine! i love that bag!