Help me decide if I should keep or exchange my LV??!

  1. So on Tuesday I went to LV to look at all the bags I like..I narrowed them all down to the papillon 30 & MC speedy as my faves. Anyway it took me forever and ever to choose but I finally decided to get the papillon b/c then if I change my mind I can exchange or get store credit to go towards a speedy but if I got the speedy and changed my mind I would have store credit left over. Today I went to LV to decide if I definitely want my papillon or if I should take it back and get the speedy (I wanted to know so that if I take it back I can get the speedy tommorrow or if not I can use my papillon tommorrow). Anyway when I went I decided on the white speedy rather than black and I love it so much that now I think I should maybe return my papillon! I've never saved up this much before b/c I usually always spend it lol. IDK if I'll end up saving enough for an mc speedy again. Its so hard to pick b/c I LOVE both bags so much, I have always liked the papillon & love it now and I've loved the mc speedy so much since it came out! Everytime I see it on people I wish I had it. Also both will match w/ all my stuff b/c I wear bright colours. What should I do?? The MC is expensive. IDK if I should get the mc speedy and get a papillon later this year or should I keep my papillon and maybe get an mc speedy another time?
    Heres pics of my papillon and pics of the mc speedy at the lv store...

    Btw IDK why my clothes are a weird colour in the last pic. I think its b/c its a cell phone pic lol.

    Sorry its so long.:shame:
  2. I will say keep the MC speedy and get the papillon later...
  3. Mc speedy. I am not a fan of the pap though.
  4. Keep the MC Speedy. It's beautiful!
  5. i love the mc on you! if you have it and you saved it- use it and get the exact bag you want!
  6. Is it out of the question to get both? lol
  7. eh, i like the pap....JIMO
  8. Speedy!!! Especially if a price increase is coming!!
  9. the mc speedy looks great on you! you should keep that one.
  10. lol I have just enough for the mc speedy and nothing else or the papillon w/ money left over...if I take the papillon back and get the speedy I will def get a papillon later this year:smile:
  11. MC speedy, but that's just because I'm not a fan of the papillon myself.
  12. i think the mc speedy looks great on you. it actually is one of my drool bags also. I prefer the pap in damier...i say...get the mc speedy! if you don't, you'll always have this dilemma and you'll always think about it...

    btw, how were you able to take a pic in the store?
  13. The MC Speedy is gorgeous!
  14. Take the speedy!
  15. speedy and then papillon later!