Help me decide..I want something classic yet trendy..

  1. Hello! My choice would be #2, the Legacy shoulder bag in natural. You absolutely can't go wrong with the Legacy line. It is both classic and trendy. A gorgeous piece. :yes:

    Welcome to tPF!
  2. Definitely shoulder bag (#2)!
  3. Definitely number 2! That is a beautiful bag!
  4. I vote #2 as well!! :yes:
  5. The latter other than the former. :smile: Pretty turnlocks!
  6. #2!
  7. another vote for #2!
  8. I vote for #2!!!
  9. #2 :yes:
  10. I vote for #2, as well. The Shoulder Bag is exactly what you are looking for: classy and trendy.

    2kids, you are going to find that pretty much everyone here lusts after the Legacy collection. :p
  11. vote goes to 2!
  12. #2 all the way! I have the shoulder bag in whiskey and I love it.
  13. 2 for sure
  14. 2 definitely!:yes: