Help me decide.. I am driving myself crazy!!!

  1. First Balenciaga bag. I had originally wanted a vert d'eau city bag, but I have become enamoured of the day style bag. If I get the day I will get the giant hardware. I wear a lot of bright colors and I want a bag with a color (rather than a neutral), for summer.
    Choices are -

    Vert d'eau day
    Vert d'eau work with gold hardware
    Vert Gazon work with gold hardware
    Aquamarine day

    Which would you get and why. I love them all but can only have one. And in case it matters I don't work - I am a stay at home mom.
  2. I love both the VG and the Acquamarine. They are so bright and cheery. I think both bags also look stunning with GH.

    I don't think you can go wrong with whatever you choose.

    Good luck
  3. aquamarine day! Or and aqua in any style w/GH hardware! Aqua is stunning with GH hardware IMO!
  4. Balenciaga bags....really drives a person crazy! the leather, colors and hardwares are all yummy! not only that, they make you feel different when you carry he bag....personally, i felt like a peacock strutting around with my Bal bag:wlae: LOL!
  5. An Aqua Day would look incredible. The Vert Gazon Day with GH that Katie Holmes has is dropdead stunning, as well! Many find the Day bag to be cavernous because it's got a N-S orientation and you have to dig a bit deep. But I've got two Days and I love them both! Just the right kind of bag for a mommy like me whose kids AND DH think that I'm their "stuff" repository...

    Good luck with your decision!
  6. You know.. I just realized I totally messed up my first post. These are actually the ones I am trying to decide between.. I can't keep the names straight!

    Vert d'eau day with gold hardware
    Vert d'eau city
    Vert Gazon day with gold
    Aquamarine day with gold
    Aquamarine city

    Ok, I think I got it right this time. I wish I could get them all!
  7. Definitely Aqua! You will love the color! CONGRATS on your 1st Bbag!:yahoo:
  8. i don't have a suggesstion, but i wanted to let you know i feel your pain :idea:
  9. Vert Gazon work with gold hardware is my pick. :yes:
  10. Aqua Day would be great - the longer straps would really help if you are carting kids and groceries around. besides, i am partial to blue. good luck and post pics when you decide.
  11. Aquamarine day gets my vote!!!!!
  12. 1st choice is aqua city, if not VG city......:smile:
  13. aqua city!
  14. I ordered the aqua city. It should be here today! :yahoo:I am already trying to figure out how to get a day next. Oh.. the addiction has begun....:nuts: