Help me decide how to spend my 1100€ credit!!:)

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Which LV bag to buy?

  1. Neverfull MM

  2. Croisette

  3. Capucines BB

  4. Capucines BB w/ python handle

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi lovely TPFers,

    I recently got my boyfriend a gift at LV, but he didn't really like it so I returned it and now have the credit with them. Since my bf wants me to spend it on myself (keeper, right:P) I am now trying to decide what to get.

    I used to buy/got a lot of LV when I was younger and am now liking their things again.

    Soo, now for the fun part... Should I get the Neverfull MM in Damier Azur (beige or rose lining?), the new Croisette in Damier Azur or should I save the credit and save for a Capucines BB in either black or galet (python handle or no?)?

    I know a ton of decisions to make, but I really love them all and can't really decide on my own.

    Thanks in advance for your input!! :hugs:
  2. Get the Neverfull you can't go wrong with a classic, I'd personally get the pink lining.
  3. I'm going to recommend the the Lockme bag since I find it beautiful. I like the capucine bag but have heard there are issues with the edges of the bag. Also the handles wouldn't hold up I would think. But out of your list I would choose capucine tan or croisette
  4. I recommend lockme too!
  5. Can you replace the Capucine with Lockme in the poll? If yes, I'd vote for that.

    Otherwise Croisette because it is really cute, followed by Neverfull because this is a really versatile all-rounder classic.
  6. Galet Capucines!
  7. Personally, I would save for for Capucines BB in Noir or Galet without the python handle (the skin is too fragile for handling on such a heavy use part like the handle). There have been issues with the glazing on the Capucines BB but apparently, they've been resolved (I'm not 100% sure though). I'm leaning towards Galet for something different but neutral but you can't go wrong with Noir either. Both are beautiful.
  8. I vote Capucines without the python. The bag is so stunning and has that extra oomph! The LV in the front is just so beautiful!
  9. Thank you all so much for answering!! :hugs: I sadly don't know how to change the poll to the lockme..

    I think the Neverfull is definitely the most practical, useful and classic bag to buy, but I am just torn between it and the Capucines, since it is a little different, not as obvious (where I live it seems like everyone and their mother has one) and actual leather.

    Thank you for the tips on the handle and glazing onemoreday, I was worried about how the python would hold up with being touched all the time.

    The Croisette would be a "new" and different choice for me and I would def venture out of my comfort zone for this one, but I just think it is too cute. But I therefore may not like it as long as the Neverfull or Capucines.

    One other thing about the Capucines is the closure, does anyone have experience with it good or bad? Is it tiresome?
    And of course the steeper price tag, for which I could also buy a Chanel boy bag, but I thought since I have the credit it may be "sensible" to save a little bit and get an acutal leather bag.

    So now I just have to decide between the Neverfull and Capucines, I guess:smile:

    I love how just having input from others can sometimes just really clear your mind and make decisions easier:smile: :tup:
  10. hi kellybb, do you remember what issues people had with the edges, would be good to know?:smile: tia!
  11. So true it really is a classic, I saw the pink in store and liked it, but I am a little worried that it is just a fad or that I might only like it now because pink/blush is in right now.. Also I have heard it marks really easily, but I guess it might be similar to the beige lining.. :thinking:
  12. I think it depends on how you plan to use the bag. For everyday and travel the Neverfull might be a better choice (+ you have a budget of 205€ left for a cute slg ). However, if you're willing to spend a little more the Capucines is a real elegant bag, especially for work.
  13. Hands down, capucines galet all the way. I have purchased one few months ago and it has been my beloved bag since then. It is so versatile and can be taken to all occasions. It adds the wow to my outfit all the time and not many people have this bag :smile: good luck in choosing!!!
  14. chipping edges. I'm pretty sure it was in the capucine thread.

    I will also add I'm not a fan of the neverfull.

    I've played with the capucine BB flap-it's a bit stiff but the leather should soften up. It is very very small and the flap can be annoying for that reason. You can't fit very many things in it but it is cute.

  15. Yeah I checked the Capu thread and skimmed it a little but I only saw the glazing problem that is apparently fixed now, so thanks for telling me about the edges!:smile:

    Also re neverfull I like it in pictures and I really want to like it on myself, but I am not totally convinced yet..