Help me decide - Gryson Skye color

  1. Hello everyone!

    I want to purchase a Gryson Skye, but I can't decide between two colors. I really love the chocolate and military, but do have bags in similar colors. I have a chocolate Bulga and LV mono speedy (brown tones) and khaki (olive green) JC Ramona. So, what color should I go for?

    I should say that I also have a ton of black bags and one red bag (which is plenty for me), so I'd like to stay between the two colors I mentioned. I also recently purchased a mini city tote by Anna Corinna in gray, so not sure if I immediately need another gray bag since I know there is a gray one available. I've also seen the camel Skye, but I'm not in love with the color.

    BTW - has anyone had trouble accessing the "search thread" function? I know several people have Skyes and wanted to access the thread to see pictures, but can't.

    Thanks everyone! :smile:
  2. I have the skye in white with chocolate and i love it. But i also really love the grey, i think the grey anna corinna is a little more blueish than this one.
    skye- grey a.jpg
  3. Here's my Gryson Skye in Chocolate. I saw the Military bag and it has a greenish tint that I don't care for. The new Gray one is very nice too.
  4. Thanks for the pictures! I'm still really undecided.
  5. i prefer the grey one!:yes:
  6. I like Skye in White or Chocolate. =)
  7. jlmrocks - Do you have a picture of the Smoke handy? I'm having trouble searching the threads (the function stopped working for some reason).

    And, I'm glad you got your Ramona! Don't you love it?
  8. Chocolate! Yum...