Help me decide-Grey Quartz Phoebe or Cranberry Phoebe

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  1. Today I got a phone call from the outlet to let me know that they have a Phoebe in grey quartz and cranberry. These are 2 of the many colors I spoke with the SA about. I have been looking for the cranberry Phoebe for a while now and recently started liking the grey quartz color too. I already have 2 Phoebes - BV (regular size) and Scarlet(small).

    Which one should I get...Cranberry(regular size) or Grey Quartz(small)?
  2. Cranberry! I LOVE my cranberry phoebe. But I have the small size.
  3. Both are great colors!! I would say grey quartz only because you have BV and Scarlet...
    My outlet had the small in midnight oak, scarlet, and 1 grey quartz..Which I had on hold :smile:
    Good luck!!
  4. I agree. I almost got the grey quartz but ended up with black violet, grey quartz is so pretty!
  5. Love both colors ! Cranberry is beautiful and bright but the grey quartz is more of a neutral color.