Help Me Decide: Goodbye to My Putty or My Taupe Stam?

  1. I have two Stams, neither of which have ever been used, and I'm trying to decide which one I should cut loose. Should I let go of my Putty? Or should I bid farewell to my Taupe? They are both lovely, and considering that I will most likely never have a shot at either of them again, it's a tough decision. I'm hesitant to let either of them go, but I don't think I need two Stams, so keeping both bags is not really an option. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Pictures!
  3. If you like both colors then I would look to see which color is netting more money on Ebay and sell that one.
  4. yahh i wanna see pics of both :smile: might be easier to give feedback seeing them next to each other
  5. I will take pics when I get home this afternoon/evening.
  6. Hi, Loganz.

    This is definitely a thought that I have been pondering for the past 24 hours or so (ever since I decided that one of them was going on the block). Neither of these colors appears on eBay with any regularity, so it's hard to make an educated guess; it's kind of a crapshoot at this point. I think it all depends on who is out there at this very moment looking for either color since all it takes is one interested party. With my luck, I'll end up picking the color that will be the tougher sell.

    I'm mostly trying to base my decision on which bag fits into the larger scheme of things better. I like both bags, but would prefer to pick the color and the style that has the most potential for longevity. Both bags are very different, especially considering the change in leather. The Taupe is loose and laid back, whereas the Putty is more structured and refined (although I think it could be very, very casual as well). One second I think the Putty is going, and the next I'm sure it will be the Taupe. I am quite torn.
  7. Angst, I love your impressive bag collection -- Muse & Stam in the best colors! =)

    This is a tough one! Do you like both colors equally - 1 a little bit more than the other maybe? Which color goes more with your wardrobe? If the answer is the same for both, it's still a difficult choice!

    If I remember correctly, all your bags (except for White Muse) are dark (Muse in Black, Chocolate, ...) so having one in a lighter color is nice -- Putty is ideal because it's neutral (go with everything) & not super light (easier to maintain than white/ivory). Plus, MJ's upcoming colors are mostly dark!!!

    Is it possible to keep both? I am certainly not helping by asking this question, but they are so beautiful that I hate seeing you having to let it go.

    If it were me, I would keep Putty. It's hard to come across a bag in light color that's maintainable. =)

    Ebay is flooded with fake Stams, authentic Stam (in these colors too) is so hard to come by -- I'm sure you will have no problem selling Putty or Taupe.

    Keep us updated.. =)
  8. I think the Putty is definitely a keeper! The taupe rocks, with the shiny patent, it adds to the bling.

    I have always been a fan of nappa leather and i must say the putty would be a classic and will definitely hold out in the longevity run IMHO.

    If you have always been attracted to bling, then go for the taupe. If not, the putty would serve its purpose in the long run?
  9. bag.lover, thanks very much for your compliments. I actually have quite a few other bags (in addition to the Stams and my Muses). I like the forum because I like being able to add to a discussion; I'm not one to talk up my collection unless directly asked about it though, so my collection usually stays on the DL.

    In terms of being close in color to the Putty, I have a Stone JC Riki and an off-white (oatmeal-ish) Celine Tea Bag (the E/W version of the Clandy). As you mentioned, I have the Ivory Muse as well. I'm really more of a dark bag gal though and the majority of the bags in my collection are black, brown or grey. In general I tend to go for neutrals since longevity is a major factor for me when investing in a bag.

    I was a little worried that the Celine and the Putty Stam might be too similar since they both have kiss locks, but the colors are completely different, and the bag shapes are very different as well.

    I would prefer not to keep both because there are other bags out there that I would like to save up for (mainly for a Hermes). In terms of compatability, I would say they are both on even ground.

    Right now I think I'm leaning towards Putty. The Taupe is amazing, but for some reason the Putty is calling out to me. To me, both colors are unique, so it's not like these are standard colors that I can find from any designer in any given season. And that is what is making the choice a super tough one.

    Thanks everyone for your input; it definitely helps to talk the decision through with like-minded folks.
  10. Angst, I remember now -- forgot for a moment that you mentioned about Ramona & Celine Cladestine before. Did you keep your Cream Cladestine? Tea Bag is the smallest size of Cladestine right? I felt the same way too, they are both bags with frames.

    As for Putty vs Taupe, I believe Putty is harder to find -- I often hear of people buying Taupe recently. Putty was actually a bit plain on Blake (b/c of its simple design), I think the quilting/design of Stam add the extra special touch to this color. I'm still leaning toward Putty b/c it's easier to find nice bags in dark colors. If you decide to let Taupe go, Abaglover's been looking for one (she got a bad one from Saks). Yeah?

    Angst, you have incredible taste in bags! =) A TFS member recently got a Purple (forgot the exact color name) Hermes -- it's absolutely beautiful! I would like to have a Kelly sometimes in the future. -)
  11. bag.lover, thank you again for your very kind words.

    I did not keep the Clandestine. It just wasn't working for me, so I returned it and instead I ended up with the Tea Bag Clandy, which is the largest size. It's actually fairly massive. And the shape of the bag is quite different from the Stam. The regular Clandestine is much similar in size.

    I agree, Putty did not look so good on MJ's other bags. For some reason it really works on the Stam though.

    I feel like I'm still leaning towards keeping the Putty. I do love the Icey leather on the Taupe Stam though. And I doubt that MJ will go back to the Icey leather again. So that kind of makes me want to hang on to the Taupe. It's such a tough choice.

    As for the Raisin Hermes Birkin -- TDF! That bag is an absolute jaw dropper. I have gazed at those pictures many times since they have been posted. I've always wanted a Kelly first, but seeing that Raisin Birkin makes me want one too. I've always wanted a really great classic Purple bag, and the Raisin is the perfect shade. That bag is just absolutely divine.

    In case anyone is curious as to how similar my Celine is to the Stam, here are two photos that I took off of NAP's website a while back, and, (somewhat ironically), a picture of Jessica Stam with it. Stam's bag is blush though, not oatmeal like mine is.



  12. Here are pictures of both bags.


    stams 1.jpg

    stams 2.jpg
  13. both are beautiful!!!!!!:graucho: :P
  14. Tea Bag Clandy is beautiful, great choice! It's lambskin right? Congrats!!! =)

    I totally forget about Taupe Stam having Icey leather -- love it!!! Now that you mentioned it, I don't like the changes being made to MJ bags! I prefer Icey leather, Suede lining, Silver Hardware! Maybe, these changes are done to keep the fake bags from catching up. If I remember correctly, the materials of MJ bags rotate every now and then. Hopefully, the ones we love will return in the future.

    Yup, that Raisin Hermes Birkin is TDF! I would love to have a classic bag in Purple too. I'm very petite (5ft & small frame) so my choices of bags are limited, I think I can only do Kelly. With its price tag, we would have to really limit our purchases (no more bags?). It's a question of 1 bag vs. multiple bags. =)

    Angst, I know it's really hard to resist having a beloved bag in different colors (I have Blake in Linen & Nutmeg, can't use either yet b/c I can't decide whether I should return Nutmeg). Maybe...Just maybe. You should keep the 1 Muse you use the most (Chocolate Large?), 1 Stam only, any other bags in mulitple colors? =) Leave some fund aside for a Raisin Birkin in case it finds you. =)

    Seeing Putty & Taupe side-by-side, I'm leaning toward Putty.
  15. After seeing the pics, I'm voting again to keep Taupe! I have fallen back in love with the fall 05 style--the more slouchy, more vintage looking ones. I love the new ones too (I have never met a Stam I didn't like, they're my all-time favorite bag) but it would be harder for me to say goodbye to the old style.

    You can't keep both????????/