Help me decide.. Gold or Silver Hardware - Chanel Jumbo

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Gold v. Silver the better choice ?!

  1. Gold

  2. Silver

  3. UMM its a chanel does it really matter!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hey guys
    I'm on the verge of purchasing my first flap!

    I have narrowed it down to a caviar black jumbo so basically color,texture and size are finalized my last step before hitting the boutique is choosing the color of hdw.

    Gold or Silver? I love the look of the gold and feel its super classy and screams chanel however silver may be more modern and can be used more in daytime and perhaps more as a daily use bag as well. Not to mention that the new GHW is not gold plated and is prone to rusting.

    So what do you chanel girls think ? and what has been ur experience with the gold hdw?

    Thanks a bunch :smile:
  2. As of now, I realized I have all ghw. A couple on its way are other hw. I just love gold with Chanel! It's a personal preference, since you get to go try it, just try both. Wear something you will wear everyday so that you know how each will look with your everyday look.
  3. Get the one that goes with your jewelry and clothing color tones.
  4. Gold with caviar is gorgeous. It's strange; I always thought I'd prefer the silver hardware, but then seeing the gold w/black really changed my mind. :smile:
  5. All my classic flaps come with gold hardware. So I vote for ghw
  6. My vote goes to sliver hardware. But I do notice that gold looks really nice on darker skin or tan girls. Since I am pale I go with sliver.
  7. Personally I love the black and gold combo. Silver make the color black more dull looking.
  8. I agree! Much richer tone imo!
  9. I voted for gold. :smile:
  10. Gold
  11. Definitely go for GOLD. :smile:
  12. My first flap was a black lamb jumbo with GHW, b/c I felt it was classic Chanel.

    Vote is for GHW!!
  13. Gold because it makes the bag alive.

  14. I agree - you should try both on and see how it feels. I thought I'd go with silver for sure since I mainly wear silver jewelry and wanted something more casual and modern. But then tried gold on in person and completely changed my mind!

  15. thank u all so much for your opinions!
    i am heading out to a boutique this weekend and cant wait to see them in person!
    I think I'm leaning toward the majority gold hdw w/ blk caviar is just so classic and I think colored leather such as red would look great with silver so I know that will be upcoming soon as well!