Help me decide! Giant Traveller in French Blue or Aqua?


Giant Traveller, which color?

  1. Aquamarine

  2. French Blue

  3. Anthracite

  4. Aquamarine

  5. French Blue

  6. Anthracite

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  1. Well, I've managed to locate one in both colors. Which one do you guys think would be better? I've also found some in anthracite, which sounds pretty, too. I really want something in french blue, but I have a feeling the gold hardware would look better on the anthracite or aquamarine one.

    So, everyone please vote on your favorite!

    Here's a pic:
  2. FB for me!
  3. AQUA all the way!!!!!!! Haven't you seen the pics of the Aqua Work in GH? The color is AWESOME with the GH! CONGRATS on the soon to be new clutch!:yahoo:
  4. circoit, what color Bbags do you have now? Want to see what you have first before I make my decision. :yes:
  5. I've got a sandstone parttime, natural mini bowling, bordeaux day, rouge theatre day, sapin mini bowling, chocolate day, caramel day, and navy 05 twiggy. Soon, I will also have a blueberry work and anthracite messenger. So, they pretty much range the entire spectrum.
  6. circoit, I am in :shocked: of your collection! I am a good way! You have some awesome colors!
  7. I say Aqua, then, since you're already getting an Anthra Messenger. Now, you know you're gonna have to post LOADS OF PICS once you purchase the GT, no matter what color you decide upon, right? :cutesy:
  8. I might go for the anthracite personally, but I think that if you want something FB, then a giant traveler would be a great way to accessorize with this color. I really want to see photos of whichever one you pick.
  9. French Blue with GH is my favorite! You must get that!
  10. I'm really having a hard time choosing for you...............anthracite will go with pretty much all of your bags, if you want something to match. If you don't care about coordinating, go for the Aqua. It will still look great with all of your bags but add a pop of color.
  11. Argh! I'm so jealous that you're getting the Traveller! I think the gold hardware might look a bit better on a softer color background, so... Aquamarine!
  12. My vote goes to Giant traveller in AQUA because if you travel and you put the traveller in the big BBag, AQUA would be a much vibrant color to immediately spot in your bag. You won't have to fish around to find your passport and boarding ticket!
  13. Really? Its not too much? I had a sales SA describe it to me as kind of an 80's Versace feel. And I'm thinking that's not such a good thing. Lol.
  14. Well, even Daphne at Bal NY tells me that French Blue w/ GH is her favorite. I love it, since the Traveller is a bit small I think it won't be too overwhelming compared to a Work size.
  15. Oh I'm so envious! :drool: I couldn't stop thinking about the Traveler ever since pics were posted yesterday. I like all your options but agree that a punch of colour would be extra special, so I say FB or Aqua. Pleeeease post pics!