Help me decide: Galliera PM or Speedy B 30 in Monogram

Galliera PM or Speedy B 30 Monogram

  • Galliera PM

  • Speedy B 30 Monogram

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Shopaholic Anonymous
Nov 13, 2009
Please help. I really want to get the Speedy B 30 in Monogram but at the same time I miss my Galliera PM which I sold. So which one should I get?

In terms of Speedies, I only have the normal Speedy 30 Damier Ebene & I love it.
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Oct 25, 2011
I recently sold my Galliera pm and bought the Speedy B 30 in monogram. I love the classic look and simplicity of the classic Speedy, but I have always been a shoulder bag kind of girl. The Speedy B is the best of both worlds, and I love carrying it!

I sold my Galliera because (in my opinion) it isn't one of those bags that ages gracefully. I loved it when the vachetta was a golden honey color, but it didn't look so hot when the patina began to darken. I also got tired of the brass plate, which was something I didn't expect because initially, that was what I loved about the bag. On the Speedy, however, I love patina on the vachetta, and I can't wait for mine to show a bit of age!
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Mar 18, 2012
i have galliera which i love but i also want the speedy b :/ to answer your question i would pick the galliera. it can be for dress up or down. speedy is more for casual wear. since you already have a speedy i would say go for galliera :smile:


LV Lover
Jan 2, 2012
I really like them both but I feel the speedy b is truly the perfect bag!! I just got mine and I can't even imagine using my other 4 speedy's again. I'm sure I will but this one is def a keeper!!