help me decide:furla vs. cole haan

  1. :drool:i am trying to start by getting either a furla or a cole haan or michael kors and reading all the comments only got me even more confused:confused1: i've been surfing places and my eyes have outgrown my available resouces:nuts: so help me out please

    tell me all the pro and cons of these 3 bag labels.

    i'll start with what i know.michael kors are good leather but the satchels can be heavy,furla is very nice but the design can be a bit bland (i do have one i'm drooling over at a great price but got outbid by ONE LOUSY DOLLAR!!:cursing: ) and cole haan are nice but they can be hit and miss quality wise.

    help me out please,i've been crazy over bags and shoes but now i am starting to choose quality over quantity without going broke of course:graucho:
  2. Well, of the three, I would say Furla or Cole Haan above Michael Kors, but I LOVE Furla!!!! These bags are beautifully made, extremely classy, and you don't often see them on other people. I have several of them that are my FAVORITE bags. And I also have a Cole Haan, a Botkier, an Isabella Fiore, a Burberry...but I have 5 Furlas and they are absolutely my favorite. I think their best bags are those made with pebbled leather -- they do it better than almost anyone else. It's gorgeous, and stands up to just can't beat it. I get compliments on mine all the time. I have two large black hobos, one with black jet studs on the side pockets and the other with large grommets, and I also have two medium Farrahs (one with indigo pebbled leather and croco trim; the other in black snakeskin-type leather with croco trim). They are roomy and soft while still holding a decent shape (not TOO slouchy)...I just can't say enough about them. These bags are the BEST! A true sign of great taste (I'm GLAD more ladies haven't discovered them yet)! Very popular in Italy, though...good luck! If you can get yourself a medium Furla on eBay at some point, YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!
  3. i am in love with the giselle medium in smooth kick ass red or cole haan village bucket with the dogleash clip outside pocket in pebbled camel or michael kors dark brown woodside hobo

    i wish how i wish i could simply just get any i like but then i'll be like carrie in SATC homeless with tonnes of bags instead of shoes.:crybaby:
  4. I'm not a huge MK fan, but I love Cole Haan. I've never had an issue with their quality, actually just the opposite. I have some that I've had for years, and they still look amazing. Some of their new styles are gorgeous!
  5. Furla is THE way to go in this contest. It is European, chic, cool, well priced, and beautifully made. It is also classy and classic, and will never go out of style. The other brands are trendy. Definitely Furla!
  6. I would say Cole haan. The leather is beautiful and they almost always have the cell pocket I want. They also hold up quite well. M kors bags are beautiful but way to heavy for me. I really like the furla bags but I dont like the ones that have an exposed snap closure I'm afraid it could pull out from the leather with constant use. Which ever brand you get just test it. Put your stuff in it and see how it feels. Try the zippers,snaps ,etc. Good Luck.
  7. Cole Haan fantastic
  8. Furla.
  9. Cole haan!!
  10. Out of those I've owned Cole Haan and Michael Kors.

    The MK hardware quality was bad. I only used the bag once then put it away and the hardware had all these black dots/chips on it.

    Between my mom and I we've had about 5 Cole Haan bags with no quality issues. They have tons of pockets which comes in handy.
  11. Cole Haan! Great bags!
  12. As I noted before, both Furla and Cole Haan are great. I personally choose Furla if pressed to decide, but the truth is, BOTH brands are worth owning if you can find just the right bag for YOU. I don't like EVERY Furla, and I also don't like EVERY Cole Haan. But the bags I DO own in these brands are stunning, and super high-quality. I should point out that my Cole Haan, a special "Cole Haan Collection" piece, which represents their higher end, limited edition bags, which retail for between $500-700. I like Cole Haan's regular line too, but the bag I own (a metallic indigo snakeskin satchel) is a MUUUCH higher quality bag than your standard Cole Haan, and much more in line with Furla. Across the board, Furla is much more of a luxury brand, I would have to say. Check out, every now and then, as they tend to have seasonal sales on their bags -- they just cleared out a bunch of them about a month ago -- a LOT of models were selling for as much as 50% off. Again...good luck...and keep an eagle eye out for sales and unique styles for BOTH brands!! I don't really have anything great to say about the Michael Kors stuff, though. :blah: The design and workmanship doesn't even come close to the other brands...and I think they are way overrrated and overpriced for what you get. Keep us posted on what you find!!
  13. hehehe....i got the furla giselle in smooth red...not really patent since that could be trendy i wanted classy with KICK!!

    with all the good word about cole haan,i'll definitely keep it in mind for next time...

    THAT's exactly what worries me about MK,the heaviness and the tarnishing..

    thanks ladies!!you all been a great help!!
  14. WOW the responses are all over the place..LOL I myself am debating the Cole Haan metallic triple zip vs holding out for a Furla or RM MA
  15. I love Furlas too. If I want to get a new bag I turn to Furla first. I have other bags but my core collection is Furlas. The quality is amazing, I have 5 year old bags that look brand new. You can also find them at amazing discounts if you look around.
    I like Cole Haan too but I've never found one I loved at a price I wanted to pay (I never pay retail!)
    I can't say much about MK as I've not given it too much attention.
    The thing I will say about Furla though is they're getting a real boost here in the US right now which means prices are likely to go up, and exclusivity is likely to go down. I like that nobody has my purse yet everyone wants to know where it's from. If Furla gets much more popular that won't be the case much longer!