Help me decide for the mini red caviar

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Should I get the rectangle mini in red caviar

  1. Get it

  2. Wait something else

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  1. My sales had one red caviar rectangle mini on hold for me. I have never seen it in person. I really want to get the square mini in red caviar. But I realized it's all sold out. Now my sales found the rectangle mini in red caviar for me. I need to make a decision whether I should get it. Please help.
  2. Get it!!! It's gorgeous color. I have m/l flap and it sold out everywhere. Don't miss it.
  3. Should I get the m/l instead? I think my sales also has m/l flap.
  4. I bought a rectangular mini 3 weeks ago and totally in love with it. The color is so gorgeous. Good luck deciding!
  5. Think of what you would use more m/l or mini and for what occasion. That will help you decide either mini or M/L. Now to the shape, personally the rectangular mini looks more appealing to me.

    GL and hope if you decide not to get the other 2 pieces you can post it here since may of us are wanting to buy! ;)
  6. Thanks all for the opinion, I decided to pass. I think I will probably get a m/l.
  7. M/l is a great choice!
  8. Woo, Love the red! I am going to buy my Chanel. How much is it?
  9. It all depends on the bags you already have and on how much you would like to spend on a red bag. I would be tempted to go with the mini in red and a m/l flap in other color. Though, you cannot go wrong with any of those bags as they are gorgeous. Good Luck! :smile:
  10. Hi jieminyu,

    Did you decide on whether you wanted to get this flap? If you decide you don't want it, can you pm me, or post on this thread? My dear Mom has been wanting one for a long time, and I want to buy it for her, if you've passed on it and it's available now. Thanks so very much! :flowers:
  11. I think mini size is too small, better you compare the size first before you buy
  12. Mini is too small and looks too cute. Not elegant. If the look you are going for is cute, get a mini. If you want elegant, get a ML. ML will also grow with you as you age. The mini can make an older woman look like she's trying to be young and so not fashionable. The ML will be classic and elegant, even at 90!

    Good luck.
  13. Im obsessed with my red mini I have been using that more then my large chanel flap, but I say if you have the right look anyone can wear the mini age has nothing to do with it :smile: life is short if you like the mini go for it.
  14. Agree. I'm almost 40 and I love my woc. I don't look silly carrying it. A mini is similar to woc. Buy the one suits you most. I have ml too it ends up sitting nicely in the closet. If I can find tis mini red I definately buy it.
  15. :smile:

    exactly life is short you wear what you want and enjoy every second, and im starting to buy minis in all the chanels its much more classy looking.