help me decide....first Prada bag!

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    Help me decide between these 3 bags!! I'm new to Prada... I tried on the brown antik cervo shoulder bag, it was a little big for me, but now I'm not sure it was the same bag since the dimensions on this one online were 15 by 14 by 2.... the one on the store seemed huge and I'm 5'5". Normally a bag that size wouldn't seem that big, so now I'm not certain if it was the same cervo. Did they make the shoulder bag in a bigger size?

    Any opinions? The store I was at over the weekend didn't have either of the other bags to try...
  2. definetly the third, but this is my opinion...;)
  3. Any chance you've seen this in person? They didn't have any when I was shopping.... Thanks for your opinion!! I'm having trouble deciding. I really want another bag... I wasn't sure about the chain straps one the black cervo, but I saw the large tote version in person and the leather is un-fricking-believable. I decided life's too short and I have to have a Prada. Just worried chain straps might be uncomfortable, thus the other choices.
    Thanks for you help...
  4. I love the first one, but the leather/chain strap on my Chanel cabas bothers me sometimes when I have a lot of stuff in it so I'd try it on first.
  5. All three of those bags are around the same size: BIG-to-HUGE! The zipper glace tote is a nice size. I had ordered it, but decided it wasn't for me for various reason, but it's much smaller than the three you have above. NM has the zipper glace on their website. I it was $1490.

    Here you go:

    By the way, the picture does NOT do that bag justice. You really need to see it in person.
  6. The first one, I saw a girl carrying this recently and it is big but absolutely gorgeous. I have a small bag in this finish with the same strap and it's comfortable to wear on my shoulder.
  7. Thanks everyone... I took a leap and got the first one. Should be here this weekend. I love the leather finish on it, very shiny! I'm like a racoon I like shiny things! I really hope it's a manageable size when it gets here. I've always had a hard time with the bigger bags... I always buy them because they're "in" and then never use them because stuff always gets lost and I think they make me look funny. But if it's gorgeous enough- I might make an exception. I'll let ya know when it arrives!! I almost got the first AND the third, but then was afraid I might fall in love with both!!:nuts: Just bought TWO Paddys in one month, cannot possibly buy two Pradas now, too.....not bad for a gal who just joined TPF!!:tpfrox:
  8. I was just going to say that I prefer the first bag, but definitely try them on first.

  9. Of course now I open my email this morning and there's a code for $150 gift card that I could have used on my purchase!! They wouldn't let me use it, so I ordered another one of this bag, and I guess I'll just return the first. You'd think they could've told me when I just placed my order on Saks to wait. I went through an SA... Annoying, but I can fix it I suppose.:cursing: This is why I hate dept stores.
  10. please post pics when you get it!
  11. I would go with the third one, that one is so cool! I love it.
  12. I love all three and if I could afford it I'd get all three.

    # 1 and #3 have more style, black is classic and goes with anything, #3 is trendy and beautiful.

    When I tried #2 on my shoulder it was classy..a great brown bag. Not quite enough style for me though (at the time I was looking for something more fun).

    I have a different bag in that faded leather look from prada (forgot what its called) and its super soft and fashionable.

    EDIT: Whoops I overlooked the post that said you chose #1. Yay please post pics if you can when you get it!:yes:
  13. Wow, this is hard.. All bags are great..
    If you want a classic bag, I would go with the first one, but if you don't care about classic stuff, I would go with the third one. I love glace line... especially the one that PP recommended above from NM web site. :smile:
  14. Great choice!! Can't wait to see pics!
  15. Congrats! Although I love all three, I would have chosen the first one, too, the style is more attractive, imo, and it's definitely more versatile. Please post pics when you get it if you can!