Help me decide: First or Twiggy

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  1. Guys, i am new here but i am obsessed with balenciaga..
    i own a pre spring 06 grey city and been thinking of getting another one.
    Which one do u guys think i should get the first or twiggy.. love them both but for now i have to choose one...:sad:
  2. I think the first's shape is prettier but twiggy is bigger so you can put more stuff in.. but I would go with the first, it is more classic IMO... :smile:
  3. I'll go with the First too but then I'm bias because I never really like the twiggy.
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  4. I vote twiggy only because I like to carry stuff! :biggrin: :shame:
  5. I agree with the general sentiment, the First has a nicer shape. But if you carry a lot of stuff (like me!) you may be better off with a Twiggy.
  6. I guess it all depends on how much you carry. I personally like the shape of the first better than the twiggy. But - it doesn't hold very much while the twiggy holds as much as a city. I'm just not too crazy about the duffle shape of the twiggy.

    G/L with your decision!
  7. Since you already have a city (which size-wise is similar to the twiggy), I would get the first. The first can be used as a "night" bag, a transition that the twiggy isn't able to make with as much ease. If you are looking for an everyday bag that you can fit a lot of stuff in though, I would recommend the twiggy.
  8. :love:
    If you are looking for an everyday bag I would recommend the twiggy.
  9. I agree with l b. If you are looking for an everyday bag the Twiggy is the way to go. The First IMO is more of an evening/going out at night kind of bag. It is quite small compared to the City and the Twiggy. I like the First in a metallic for evening. I have a City, a Purse, and two Twiggys. I've posted a thread showing the difference in sizes by putting the bags side by side if you want to see the difference.
  10. thanks..
    most of u recomend the first then,
    hm... let me see what can i get..i have to check the colour available..
  11. he he he.....I have the first which I love but it may be quite small for you since you have the city - I did try a twiggy and did NOT like the shape at all for me (too long) - the BOX, however, is a nice alternative - more room than the first but similar shape when things are in it....maybe no help but thought I would throw that in there!:P
  12. I love both, but I'm partial to the first since I have one :nuts: It's a great bag!
  13. I agree with the ladies above- if you need an everyday bag, the twiggy is probably the better choice. BUt I really have to say that I love the First- and would choose that since it sounds like you already have an everyday bag. Its such a great looking shape! Good luck, and let us know what you decide!
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  14. I personally like the first best!
  15. My Twiggy has more room than the City that I have. I have never seen the Twiggy shape counterfited or "inspired" so I like that about it too.