Help me decide first bbag - EB or should I wait for F/W Marine?

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  1. So.. my first thread!!!
    I've been eyeing on bbag since last year, fell in love with the Ocean but didn't end up getting it, which I regret to this day. So this year I have made up my decision to finally get a bbag.
    I prefer toned-down colors because I am not brave enough to carry an eye-popping color with my everyday outfit. All the colors are so lovely but never can never get myself to carry flashing colors.
    After seeing a lot of the EB here and loving it, with the current SAKS event, I called SAKS today to find out they currently have a RH city in stock and I've asked the SA to hold it for me till Sat. I'm going to check out the leather and see if I like it. I was thinking of waiting till the F/W Marine but now I can't really decide.
    Should I go for this EB RH city? Or should I wait until Marine comes out?
  2. The EB is kind of an eye popping colour IMO....but it´s gorgeous!! Check out the modelling pics thread to see what the colour looks like!

  3. I think if you're not really a big fan of eye-popping colours, to wait for the marine... the EB is so gorgeous, but a bit bright.
  4. Welcome! I have an EB First and it's like a neon blue color so I'd suggest searching for a pre-loved ocean city or waiting for fall! :flowers:
  5. I think the marine would be a better choice for you. :okay:
  6. EB is definitely an eye-popping color, so you should def wait for the Marine. I can't wait to see the new Fall colors IRL!
  7. maybe wait for the marine f/w 08....EB is quite eye catching such a lovely color.
    my first bbag was an ink First...start w/ something you are very comfortable with and absoultely love.
  8. I agree that EB is a "pop" of color but in a good way. It's not too "in your face" in my opinion but you should definitely see it in person before you decide. If you don't like it, you can wait for Marine.
  9. I think that for you, Marine is probably the safer choice. Last year's Marine was absolutely gorgeous and really under-appreciated and I think this one is going to be just as beautiful.
  10. Thanks for all of your input. The pics I saw here of EB is just so gorgeous especially with the yummy leather.
    I will see in person tomorrow and decide. I can't wait. So exciting.. :party:
  11. cherub I love ocean too! I'm glad you can see th EB in person as that will really help cement your decision. If you decide you prefer the ocean (or any other blue), I know it can be hard to wait for one to come along but you WILL find one if you're patient :tup:
  12. Sounds like Ocean is a better choice for you but EB is a GORGEOUS col. It it good you can check in person before you decide. Good Luck!
  13. well, to begin with I'm not a huuuge fan of the EB and also you said you didn't really like popping colors?? IMO the EB definitely is a splash of color and it sounds like it'd be best for you to wait for the Marine!! It will probably be more muted and deeper, a color that sounds more to my liking as well!! Good Luck!!