Help me decide: Ferre suede bag or Car Shoe suede bag?

  1. I really like this GF Ferre bag, but I already have a beautiful brown suede Car Shoe bag that I purchased during the recent NM sale. The Car Shoe bag is HUGE, though, and I'm wondering if the Ferre one would be more manageable. Aesthetically speaking, which one looks better? Any other opinions on either of these two bags or the respective brands in general? Thanks!
    ferre.jpg carshoesatchel.jpg
  2. I forgot to mention the Ferre is $190, whereas the Car Shoe was $300 (really $1,200) but I got it on sale. Any opinions...please?:smile:
  3. Not really a fan of either, but I like the one on the left better. It looks more.. "friendly" and not as "uptight" as the one on the right if that makes sense. In other words, it seems a lot more laid-back, relaxed, comfortable and good for carrying around, but the other one seems more mature and classic.

    I don't know, they're both very similar though. Nice colours, too!
  4. I prefer the one on the right. The color is more appealing to me, and it seems less fussy.
  5. I agree, the one on the right; it is less fussy. The less do-dads you have hanging from a bag, the longer it will "wear" IMO.
  6. ^^I agree I like the Carshoe one better.
  7. Thank you so much for your opinions! The Ferre has better organizational pockets, whereas the Car Shoe has basically no interior organization...Hmm...still on the fence.
  8. I am not a fan of suede, because I had a Ghurkha suede bag and it didn't wear well. I like the GF Ferre bag.