help me decide! Damier Ebene or Azur...

Apr 25, 2007
I know there are tons of treads like this one, but I just had to ask because it is driving me nuts!!!

My Dh bought me a Mono Speedy 30 for x-mas. I asked for the Damier Ebene. When I opened it even he gasped and then told me he forgot about the Damier :Push: He didn't even look at the bag before paying, but that's how he is :smile: So anyway, the Speedy I want is sold out online and at my store. The Azur is available. I like both and I plan to get Azur in my future. This will be my first LV so I wanted to know if I should wait for the Ebene or go for the Azur now! When will the Ebene be available??? It is more of a practical color and I like that I do not have to worry about the patina, but Azur is stunning. HELP! :sos:



Nov 28, 2006
Since you REALLY wanted the Ebene I would call the 866# and see if they can track one down for you. I am sure they should be able to find one. I can't believe they are soldout worldwide. If not call your local store and see when they expect to get a shippment.
Stick with your 1st choice.


Planning To Be Happy
Mar 1, 2007
I would do the same! They come and go and they should be able to find one for you. Sold out for a Damier Ebene does not mean they are out, it just means that it is coming very soon. It is part of their essentials so stick to it!
Apr 23, 2007
Hold out for the Ebene! I love mine! Call 1-866-vuitton and they will find one for you and send it to your store so you can exchange the mono for it. Please be careful in returning the mono in time, for there are return restrictions, boutiques usually 2 weeks and SAKS and other stores such as SAKS with LV counters have more flexibility, 30 days. Be sure to check the receipt. Get your first choice and you can get the Azur later on. The Ebene is great year round and no vachetta to worry about, a PERFECT first LV! Your hubby is a sweetie!