help me decide...Damier Azur or Red Epi agenda?

  1. i recently received the medium damier azur agenda for my birthday and exchanged it for the red epi leather since i love epi leather over the damier azur. BUT, once i exchanged it i realized i oddly kind of liked the damier azur a little better. now, i want to go back and exchange for the damier azur back!

    any new leathers coming out in medium size? i know (i think) i don't want monogram or damier since i feel like that might be too much with my purses. the leathers i have in purses are monogram, damier, red epi, and tan monogram vernis.

    please help me decide! i did see the koala agenda on here...are they going to have that again? if they do, i might not mind the monogram :p
  2. I think the epi will last longer for sure! I would go with epi!
  3. In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit I am a huge EPI fan. I like Damier Azur, but I can't think of buying anything else without imagining what I could get in EPI instead. So my knee-jerk reaction is, of course, to keep the EPI, especially in the RED... beautiful color!

    Additionally, I think the EPI is much more durable. I'm not sure about dirt on the Damier Azur in the long term, either...

    So, my suggestion is: KEEP THE EPI!
  4. Hahhaa don't ask my opinion, I just received my Red Epi Agenda MM in the mail today and am over the moon about it! Azur is nice, but that red is STUNNING!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Other bonuses?

    :heart: Smells deliciously of leather
    :heart: Won't end up looking bad when it's older and grubby as Azur will
    :heart: The Epi is a wonderful texture, I can't stop touching it!
    :heart: Looks fantastic with other LV items - check out my last post in the Cles Club thread!
    :heart: Did I mention red Epi is hottt??! :drool:
  5. Actually my fave agenda is the Suhali :graucho: But of the two you mentioned, I prefer the azur- epi really isn't my favorite material.
  6. keep the epi. Has beautiful colour and you can use it much longer than azur..:yes:
  7. Another vote for Epi.
  8. thanks ladies!! keeping the red epi. besides...they're coming out with the red epi iphone holder and that would looks great with the agenda :yes: