Help me decide: Cordovan Teri or Quinn (shopper?)

  1. Okay, I will use this for work and casual, my work is fairly casual and I live in SF. I've never own anything tote like, and the Teri at first glance is an odd shape to me, but has grown on me. I love the Quinn, but it is ginromous!! I already have a Work BBag that is ginormous!! The teri won't fit my laptop, but I rarely bring my laptop to work anyways, if i do, i can use my bbag. But the Quinn definately looks more work suitable, no?
    Other thing is, I can only find the shopper (bigger than Quinn in corodvan, does the regular size Quinn come in cordovan? I love buying from Shopbop because no tax and free shipping!!! :smile:

    Here is apic of my Teri in real life
  2. Cordovan Teri!
    I love the Teri and I love Cordovan! I'm kind of wish I didn't get my old Teri just in April... but I've been using it everyday and am in love with this bag! That Teri of yours is gorgeous.... sigh!

    Too bad I don't have enough $ to buy another bag :tdown: