Help me decide~~Coach Legacy wristlet or scarf print wristlet??

  1. Which one should I choose??

    Legacy wristlet

    Scarf print wristlet

    (pic from eBay) (eBay member kheg88)
  2. Legacy...
  3. I have the legacy wristlet and adore it. I think it's a bit more versatile than the scarf print (though I do like the scarf print).
  4. For some reason I love the scarf print collection. I would go for the scarf print.
  5. i think the scarf print is prettiest
  6. legacy
  7. legacy
  8. I have both and I like the scarf print better.
  9. i have the legacy and it's going back because it has no pink in it, lol. but go with that one!
  10. Get the Legacy now, and get the Scarf Print Later. Scarf print is easier to get and they will probably bring it back sometime this year, with a color other than blue. 2 years ago it was pink. I don't know if the Legacy will be readily available in a few months.
  11. Exactly!!
  12. I agree, get legacy now while you can. Since the legacy has a lot of colors in it you can use the wristlet wiht a lot of different outfits or inside a wider variety of bags.
  13. I like the scarf print
  14. I think I am going to get the Legacy one!

    Thanks for your opinions everyone! :flowers:
  15. I really like the Legacy one - glad you're going to get it! :smile: