Help me decide - Chloe Hudson vs Gucci

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  1. Thank you for your tips, I know that it is not the best decision to just buy it for the trip, but I have a few outfits in my head that it would work with, but still you are totally right.. We just checked with our ministry of foreign affairs and they rate Morocco as super dangerous (5 out of 6) so we may delay the trip until it goes down a bit..

    I was deciding between the Drew and the Hudson and although I love the Drew I am kind of sick of seeing it everywhere and all those bloggers being gifted the same bag and wanted something a little different but a similar style, that's why I chose the Hudson:smile: But then again it seems to become the new 'it bag' fast.. Hope I can make a decision soon;)

  2. Yes I love the stitching/braidind details as well, looks really well made, but to me it does not scream designer, what I like about it:smile:

  3. I also usually am not a fan of the Gucci logo, but for some reason with the whole birds and flower thing (and probably clever marketing) it grew on me;)
  4. Have you considered Hayley? it's similar to Hudson, but it's not on everybody which you try to avoid.

  5. It is really nice too, Chloe is making some great bags recently! But I prefer the smaller size of the Hudson.
    The only problem I'm having at the moment is that usually no matter what the weather or what I am doing that day if I get a new bag I instantly create an outfit around it, but for some reason not with the Hudson, which leads me to search for reasons why I may not like it, eg marketing hype and oversaturation.
  6. It makes total sense, you don't want to buy a bag to find out it's hard to wear it and it doesn't go with anything. I have several such bags, I had to let them go:smile:

  7. Thank you I feel a little weird, because usually I know exactly what bag I want, but recently I am all over the place and can't decide on anything. So I am really grateful for all you lovely TPFers for helping me out🏻
  8. Good point:smile:
  9. I just purchased the Chloe Hudson so I cannot answer objectively. However, I did look at your Gucci when I was shopping because I like it very much. In the end, there was no contest because I think the Chloe will stand the test of time more than the floral on the Gucci. Oops, just saw you are keeping the Chloe. I think you will love it.
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  10. Did you end up keeping the Hudson? I love the Hudson! The small in the lighter color is beautiful and still practical. I just got one in deep purple for a trip, but I can see myself continuing to use her. The light color in your first pic may soil easily though.
  11. I ended up sending both bags back and ordered a Chloe Drew, but the size was not right for me, so I am still on the hunt. Thinking about the Hudson with the fringe since I found it on sale and generally like it, so maybe I'll try it;) I really do like the Hudson bag so hopefully I will find my perfect one! So happy for you that you love yours so much:smile:
  12. I dont know but these looks like expensive handbags for me