Help me decide! Chloé Drew or Givenchy mini Antigona

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  1. I'm going to Paris in May and I can't decide between the small Chloé Drew and the mini Givenchy Antigona! I'm very petite, only around 5'3", so I wonder which bag would look better on me. I also want a bag that I can use every day (so I get the most out of my money :lol: ), but give my outfits that little extra, if you know what I mean. It's such a dilemma because they're both so beautiful! I would really appreciate your help! :smile:

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  2. Without a doubt, I'd go with the Chloe Drew. The grey leather with gold hardware is simply divine. It looks SO pretty and can be so versatile.

    The other choice is more structured (I usually don't like very rigid/ structured) bags, and lately I really don't like black bags. It looks too formal in my opinion.

    Anyhow, have a wonderful trip to Paris. Enjoy your vacation! :smile::smile::smile:
  3. Thank you! Haha omg, I didn't see this until now! I've been completely smitten with the Drew ever since it came out, so maybe I'll actually pull the trigger on it now!
  4. Hi i am having the same dilemma as you now! I would prefer the drew a bit more coz i don't have any saddle shape bags, and the antigona seems more 'boring' if that make sense. However, the antigona will be more practical due to the zipper and the leather strap, the chain of the drew can be a bit dressy...
  5. I have both except my Antigona is Small size. IMO Drew is much dressier (with chain strap and all) so if your wardrobe is more formal/dressy then Drew would be a good choice. For everyday bag though Antigona would be better except I don't think Mini Antigona is big enough for everyday bag. I personally think Antigona is much better in bigger sizes. I would have kept Medium if my frame was big enough to handle it! So... if it were me, I would go with Drew if I want a dressy bag, if I wanted a casual bag I would go with Antigona but one size bigger. JMHO!
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  6. I would go with the Antigona, for an everyday bag. The strap on the Drew is very uncomfortable, since it is so thin.
  7. I have both the small drew and the antigona, but in the small size. The Chloe drew isn't super practical for every day, while it's gorgeous, I find myself wearing it more for evenings out and only for a few hours, because the thin chain strap is incredibly uncomfortable, especially in the heat. The antigona is roomy and while is more common, is that way because it's super practical.
  8. i find the stitching on the antigona straps (where they attach to the body of the bag) a little bit too big/ rough. I was hell bent on buying the small antigona and once i saw the stitching it bothered me and I could not unsee it, so i bought the sdj which i am loving

    I think i would defn go with the drew.

    enjoy your trip, Paris is great in spring time!
  9. I find the Antigona bags really heavy!
  10. Hmm thanks for your input, ladies! I think I just have to go and try them for myself and decide from there... :smile:
  11. The Drew bag is such a unique design. It's beautiful!! It would be the statement piece to an outfit.
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  12. Drew wouldn't be a good choice as an everyday bag. While it elevates your outfit better than the Antigona, it is a hassle getting things in and out of the bag. The clasp is a major deterrent!
  13. I adore the Drew!! but ultimately it depends on your personal style and what you think will go better with your wardrobe in general...
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    I have tried them both on and find that the Drew as everyone is mentioning is much better for evening as it is more formal with the shiny jewellery like strap. The antigona would be better for a day bag in my opinion. But if you want something to elevate your outfit a little bit, I find the antigona not as special looking as the Drew and the Drew will really bring things up a notch. A lot of people have used the Drew as an every day bag. I bought mine for evening purposes and will not be using it as every day but some people do choose to and they pull it off quite nicely! So, if you want an every day by that is a little more special and pretty, definitely the Drew, as it can be both a day and evening bag. The antigona is nice for every day purposes (but aesthetically just isn't as pretty as the drew to me)

    I just got a small Drew in black and I really love it, they are beautiful in person and very versatile
  15. Omg is this even a question? The drew for sure! The antigona is so 3 years ago, not going to stand the test of classics that's for sure.