Help me decide: Chanel large flap or luxe ligne?!!


Aug 6, 2007
Hi ladies,

I need to decide (as I can only afford one) between a Chanel black caviar large/jumbo flap or the Chanel black luxe ligne shoulder bag (please see pics).

I understand that the large/jumbo flap is a classic and the luxe ligne is from around 2008 (I think) but I want a day bag that I can dress up or down, wear comfortably with jeans and be a little funky plus the option of being funky/dressy too.

I have tried to find some images on this site of the particular luxe ligne I favour without success (I prefer them to be 'modelled' in action rather than on a manequin, so if anyone knows of a link for pictures let me know, sorry for being such a pain).

And finally, can someone tell me which measurements constitutes a 'large' flap and a 'jumbo' flap? As some listings differ greatly in their idea of large v jumbo.

As always your advice is so needed and so appreciated xx :heart:



Apr 14, 2011
Definitely a jumbo flap. It's classic, elegant. Something you could enjoy for a long time.

Also, its a great size to use as a day bag and looks great with jeans!