help me decide, cartier love charm or bulgari b-zero 1

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cartier love charm or bulgari B-zero 1

  1. cartier love charm

  2. B zero-1

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  1. Hi girls,

    I know... I know I'm so fickle minded, I still cant decide what to buy.... it has beeenn looong I've waited for a new pendant.
    So girls, please bear with me, I want this purchase to be unforgettable one.

    please help me decice between :

    1 ) CARTIER LOVE CHARM in w/g
    (almost similar to Lilo version, but this one has single ring, instead of 2 interlockings one)

    2. BULGARI ZERO-1 charm in w/g
    (retail $950)

    Anyone know the retail $ for LOVE charm, pls??? I havent been lucky in emailing them, (e-mailed twice but no reply)

    Please advice on pro and cons on both, I'm open to any suggestions.

    Thanks so much!:flowers:

  2. I love all Cartier!
  3. I say Cartier.
    I have the love ring and I LOVE it ;)
  4. can you post photos?
    I can't be the only one that needs them !LOL!
  5. Yup. Love the Cartier... but don't be dismayed, they never emailed me either after I inquired about another piece. :confused1:
  6. I would go for the Bvlgari - some pics might get you more responses.
  7. I will try to upload pics, still working on that.
  8. I'm sorry, I donno how to upload, eveytime i tried, it fails....:Push:
  9. click on the little paperclip icon and just add them from your PC
  10. You probably need to resize them to a smaller size......