Help me decide! Carly signature or Signature Stripe Tote + wallet

  1. I can't decide on which one I want. I know that no matter what, it will be in black.

    If I do go for the tote, I will be able to get the matching stripe accordion wallet with it since it's cheaper than the Carly.

    And if you recommend the Carly, which size? I just gave birth to my son so I can't go to the mall to try them on myself (doctor says keep him at home during flu season) so I have no idea what they look like on actual people.

    If you happen to own one of the purses (tote included), can you please post a picture of you wearing them so I can see how they look? Thanks so much!
  2. Awwww! Congradulations on your new baby boy!! I really do love the sig. tote but I personally prefer the Carly because of the zip top. Here is a pic. of my large Carly (black) and the other is my med. Carly. I do have a sig. stripe tote in punch but no pics. wearing it. Hopes this helps:tup:
    Ebay Pics 293.jpg Ebay Pics 275.jpg
  3. OMG they look so cute on you! I was wary because the strap was listed as 12 in for the medium Carly, which might have been too short for my body. Is it easy to take on and off for you?

  4. Oh yes! definetely easy to get on and off. The large is a bit easier but both are very easy. You chose 2 of the most wanted and loved bags here on the Coach forum. We all adore the Carlys and the sig. stripe totes. They are GREAT bags!:tup:
  5. I think I'd make the decision based on how the bags open/close. Since the Carly zips close it's more secure but the open-ness of the tote makes getting into it much easier. The Carly is kind of difficult to get into while it's on your shoulder b/c of the slouch. I'm definitely a Carly lover, but they are both adorable!
  6. Does the black Carly have gold or silver hardware? It looks extremely silver in the photo, and I thought I've seen black Carlies with silver hardware.
  7. I would say Carly for sure! I have a 3 year old and got the Large Black Leather Carly and it fits all I need with extra room. I had bought the Medium Beet/Khaki originally and it was just too small for me. I think you would be very happy with the Signature Carly :smile: I'll post pics tomorrow of my Carly. And a HUGE Congratulations on your baby boy!!! Yay!!!
  8. Gold (Brass) hardware on both Sig and Leather Carly.
  9. All of the Carly's have the gold hardware. :yes:
  10. I have both bags and although I like my carly my favorite bag is my signature stripe tote. I got #10125 in the khaki and crimson combo and I love it. The larger size makes it a bit deeper and your things are harder for other people to get to. I'm also horrible about not zipping my bags up anyway. With a small one to carry with you the tote would be great because it would leave room in the bag to put extras you use. Also the straps are a little softer and if you happened to have it fall off your shoulder it wouldn't injure anyone. (I used to hit my kids with my bags when they would fall off my shoulder, only reason I mention it!)
  11. Thanks you guys!

    luvshopping90... haha. I didn't even think about hitting my munchkin with the strap. :sad: Poor kiddos. I have to remember to be really careful when I'm out and about. Were you able to throw in diapers/wipes in there? I was hoping that if I get a large enough bag, I won't need another diaper bag for small trips.