Help me decide - Carla or Ginger

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  1. Ok girls,

    I'm interested in adding another Kooba to my collection very soon. I already own a Carla but love it so much I was thinking of getting another. However, there's also a cute Ginger in the same metallic brown so I'm leaning toward that.

    Does anyone know what the both are like so they can give me an idea of how they compare? I tend to love big bags and Carla suits me perfect - but c'mon!!! I shouldn't get another of the same kind if I can help it, right? I wonder if Ginger would be too small? If she's just as big (but maybe shaped differently) I think I'd go for Ginger instead.

    Decisions decisions! :hrmm: :rolleyes: :nogood:

    Help! :yes:
  2. I have tried both on in the store. The Ginger was hard to keep on my shoulder, the Karla stayed PUT.
  3. Much prefer the look of the Karla
  4. Like the longer strap on the Carla:yes:
  5. I like the Carla better but two of them??? I do have 2 Siennas so who am I to talk. I'm selling my Carla just because it's too much like my Maria and I feel redundant so I can't imagine getting 2 Carlas. Get the Ginger. be adventurous and different!!!
  6. I also vote for the Ginger! :yes:
    If you already have a carla that you love, why give it competition.
    Be different and go for the Ginger.
  7. Go for the Ginger!
  8. does anyone know if the ginger is the same size as the carla? i always thought the ginger looked a little bigger, but that might be because she has a different shape!
  9. Why not a different bag alltogether?

    Gingers and Karlas will be around, they aren't going anywhere soon.

    If you want to be adventureous, get something totally different like a Paige or wait for the new Fall intros.
  10. I'm not feeling any of those new Fall bags just yet and the Carlas and Gingers are on sale at the moment. Plus Revolve just offered me a 60% off code if you can believe, so either will be dirt cheap! :wtf: (I think I have to post a message about this in another area deals and steals? or general handbag? i don't know - scared of it getting yanked it it doesn't relate to the board) but I DO need suggestions as to what to buy with such a great deal.

    So yeah - is the Ginger just as big as the Carla though? If it's not that will definitely help my decision. It says that the Ginger is 14.5 X 11 X 5 while the Carla is 14 X 12 X 6. So not a huge difference but if the Ginger is not going to stay on my shoulder than I don't think I want to have anything to do with it. I like having my hands free. :yes:

    ps. I finally got pics taken of my newest bag - my Belen Echandia! Take a visit over in the general handbag section and let me know your thoughts! I'm dying to know what my dear Kooba ladies think! :yes:
  11. jadejett -- have you seen the new fall 2007 koobas? where where?! :nuts:
  12. I LOVE the Carla, but why get two exactly the same. The Ginger seems VERY similar, but looks slightly smaller to me. I think you should get something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, but still KOOBA, of course. The Kooba bags are outstanding. Try a Sloane, I have it in Honey and it is WONDERFUL
  13. these may help :smile: i took them for someone a while back, i sold the carla but tehy give size comparisons :smile:
  14. so you can see from the 1st pic that the carla is bigger but not HUGELY bigger, the other pictures it looks like ginger is way smaller but a lot of that is attributed to the strap drop being so different :smile:
  15. Wow! Thanks Bessie! You couldn't really ask for any more than those pictures you so kindly posted. Thanks so much!

    As for Fall, Whiteflowers, - um, maybe they're not Fall? I wasn't really paying attention. I signed up for a newsletter on Kooba's website so they send me weekly updates on their new bags and I haven't been dying for anything as of yet. I assumed they were for Fall since it's weird they'd still be coming out with new bags for Spring at this point in the year, but maybe they still are? I can't check either because I deleted those emails. Sorry for the confusion! :noggin:

    I WOULD recommend signing up for the newsletter though because that's the best way to see the newest styles first. :yes:

    As for the Sloane. It's a hard call. I like the Lena too and then I'm getting myself super confused with too many options. :lol: I wonder if the Sloane also has that fishy smell that the Lena has. :rolleyes: