Help Me Decide: Cardholder

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Which Cardholder?

  1. Black Quilted

  2. Red Quilted

  3. Black Chevron

  4. Red Chevron

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I'm currently trying to decide on a different Chanel cardholder. They're all beautiful, which many of you, I'm sure have seen them in-store + on the forum. I'm trying to decide between whether to get a classic quilted or chevron. In black or red. Hardware+Leather doesn't matter.

    Here's what I think of all of them:

    Black Quilted: The most classic and versatile.
    Red Quilted: Classic as well, but a brighter colour (already have a red cardholder though that is a different designer).
    Black Chevron: Also kind of classic with the colour, but more 'modern.'
    Red Chevron: Same idea as the black, just different colour + brighter.

    What do you guys think? Comment below + vote away. :smile:

    I know this is a small dilemma, but I'm just not sure!

  2. i have the black quilted caviar, the red quilted lambskin, and a pink chevron. the pink chevron is by far the most used one in my collection. if you already have a red cardholder, i would get the black chevron.
  3. My vote is for the black quilted card holder - as you said it's classic and versatile :smile:
  4. I definitely vote for the black quilted. Classic!
  5. Hmmm since I want my SLG to go with all my bags, I prefer classic, timeless and versatile. Black caviar quilted gets my vote. good luck with this fun decision!
  6. I was looking at the black and red quilted (caviar) and the blue and black chevron last week. It came down between the two quilted. Ended up with black quilted. The red was nice, but I have a habit of putting my wallet in my back pocket. I didn't want color transfer. The black chevron was too matchy matchy, I was buying it to use in my chevron woc. Plus I think the black quilted is more timeless. I'm less likely to get tired of it.
  7. Thanks everyone! Your responses were great and informative. I decided to go with a black quilted+silver hardware+caviar leather. :smile:
  8. Excellent choice! I voted black quilted but if it were me I would like the black quilt+caviar+gold hardware!
  9. I voted for red quilted because it is always nice to see a pop of color if you don't have any other red wallets or card holders. But if you want to be safe & versatile the black is best :smile: