Help me decide camera bag or bowler?

  1. I am trying to decide which bag would be more practical. I got both of these bags from the Saks 40% off sale. I have a black on black medium bowler and a black with white C's camera bag. I'm trying to convince my son to stop playing his video game to take a picture of me- but it may not be pretty.... I've got the middle aged mama body.
  2. The bowler holds more, if that helps.:smile:
  3. I've been walking around with both. The camera bag seems a little more comfortable, but it is smaller and looks a little more trendy.
  4. I love both so I'm absolutely no help.;)
  5. [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]
  7. I vote for the bowler, although they both look fabulous!
  8. GREAT pictures. Based on those pictures I would say the bowling bag suits you better.:biggrin:
  9. The black on black was on sale?? Which Saks? Nordstrom will price match if I can get Saks to verify they put the black/black bowler on sale.

    And my vote goes to the bowler, although I quite like the camera bag too!
  10. I love them both but I think the bowler suits you better.
  11. roey: If you find any black/black bowlers, let me know! I need a replacement bag since my beige bowler turned out to be such a dud!!!
  12. I like them both, but maybe I like the bowler a tad more. And what is this "middle aged mama body" nonsense?! You look great!
  13. I love the bowler!
  14. Thanks chinchillamoose:smile:. Roey, I don't know if it's still in stock at Saks, but it's that one Saks that I mentioned earlier in Raleigh, NC. I didn't know it was black/black and was pleasantly surprised.

    This is so fun! It's like I have a whole set of girlfriends to help me with this decision.
  15. i love the bowler! looks great on you! :biggrin: