Help me decide...Cambon pochette or medium tote?


Which Cambon should I get?

  1. Pochette!

  2. Medium Tote!

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  1. Hi,

    I would love to get my very first Chanel bag. I'm wavering between the pochette and the medium tote.

    I like the tote because it's bigger, but the shape kind of turns me off. It's too vertical or something, not wide enough to balance its height.

    But the pochette is teeny. I really like the rectangular shape, though, and love how it looks on people who posted pics.

    (If anyone can tell me which Saks has either in any color--preferably pink--please do let me know!!!).

    Thanks, girls! :smile:
  2. Get both!
  3. Not an option, unfortunately, LOL.
  4. your best bet is to call around and have them do a store search for you...try calling the Saks in CT though.
  5. The Saks in Pittsburgh had a pouchette today, I'm not sure how many, but atleast one for sure. The Chanel direct number is 412.297.5657, I recommend asking for Niko! I'm not sure if they had any of the totes, though, sorry!
  6. Get the medium tote! I have two and LOVE them.

    IMO, the pochette is a waste of money -way too small. My BF always says the pochette and the small tote looks like it's for rich housewives elementary kids (to match with mommy's bag) OR if an adult carries it, it looks like they can't offerd Chanel but really wants to carry one so they carry the smallest one.. (he's snobby, but I couldn't help but laugh at his comment).

    Vote: medium tote!
  7. For your bag, I would def. go with the medium tote since you can put more stuff on it.

    For your first bag, I would have gone a bit more classic, but if you really want cambon, then definitely the medium tote!
  8. Have you thought about the bowling bag? The shape is very similar to the pochette... actually it's like a bigger version of the pochette with different straps.

    Out of the two though, I would vote md.tote
  9. I vote for the medium tote.
  10. medium tote.
  11. as a pochette owner, i say medium tote! haha..i bought my pochette over two years ago and have used it a handful of times b/c it is too small and i use it as an evening bag out.
  12. The bowling bag is a bit too expensive. I'm cutting it close with the medium tote right now.:blink:

    I don't really own an evening bag. I have three medium-big bags, so I guess this small Chanel would work great as a bag for out to dinner.
  13. Does it feel comfortable over your shoulder?
  14. yes it fits fine. the leather is a bit stiff but will soften and its super comfy to carry. if you are going to use it everyday i recommend to get a darker color, mine is white and it stays in its duster for the obvious reasons if it picking up dirt like nobody's business. :cry:
  15. i've voted for the TOTE!!! i love big BAGS!!!