Help me Decide! Cafe or Sandstone Messenger

  1. Hey experts - help me decide. I am thinking of getting the new flat messenger in either cafe or sandstone. Do you think the cafe looks a little masculine? I also want something that won't show dirt, and will look good all year around with blacks and browns. Is this too much to ask for?

    Any input is appreciated! :flowers:
  2. Sandstone ... I LOVE sandstone from the pics, and from what I've seen people post on this forum, it's even more beautiful in real life!!!
  3. I second sandstone - just love the colour
  4. Here's another vote for Sandstone. Next to Natural, it's my favorite neutral and I think it's the more verisatile color, even though I like Cafe a lot too!
  5. Without a doubt.. SANDSTONE!

    I absolutely LOVE mine and it goes with anything and everything :yes: and it is definitely more gorgeous IRL.
  6. Sandstone for sure!!!! :heart: :heart:
  7. can someone tell me how long the strap is set at its LONGEST? anyone? I so want to know, as I'm short/medium height but I like a LONG messenger.
  8. Another vote for Sandstone!
    BTW Pursemania where have you been hiding lately?
  9. I vote for sandstone color...or u can go for neutral as well......:smile:
  10. Majority is going toward sandstone! Do you think it will show dirt?

    ^^^ Hi Stylefly! I've been exploring the dark side . . . (chanel) Saw that you finallly got your holy grail . . . at least your newest HG! :rolleyes:
  11. :yes:
    Yep, deffinitely Sandstone! I have seen it in person only in the form of a tassel, but it looks like a beautiful color!
  12. Sandstone! :yahoo:
  13. I just picked up the Sandstone messenger at Printemps in Paris on Monday and wore it all week. It's fabulous! Another vote for the Sandstone.
  14. Absolutely sandstone!!!!