Help me decide: Cabas piano vs batignolles Vertical.

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  1. I have a Damier Saleya PM and I want to get a Monogram bag for everyday us which is best (please tell me why) Cabas Piano or BV (not to crazy about BH, does not look right on me)? I am having the hardest time deciding. I don't want to get the CP and it ends up being to small or get the BV and still want the CP. :confused1:
  2. I know how you feel, I'm literally torn between these two bags. I don't know whichever I get my hands on that's the one I will keep. The BV sticks out more to me though because I like the relaxed look of it and no vachetta bottom.
  3. My mom has the cabas piano and it's beautiful but the vachetta on the bottom just gets so dirty. I think the BV would be a nice choice. Good luck on choosing!
  4. I love the Cabas Piano!!!


    Although I don't really care much for BV anymore...I vote for BV because you like it. And you already have a saleya, which I think it similar in style to the cabas piano.
  5. I went through the same dilemma a week or so ago. I decided on the CB over the BH because I prefer having a zipper closure. Also, the BH looked too wide on me. I don't mind the vachetta bottom so much because I think it makes the bag stronger.
  6. BV is much easier to carry IMO
  7. as much as i love cabas piano, i would be afraid with the vachetta at the bottom..

    but its still pretty :drool:
  8. I like cabas piano better than BV. Have you thought about popincourt haut also?
  9. I'm all for the Cabas Piano! The shape, size and zip top all rule!!

    I used to freak about the vachetta bottom but no more. A little Shining Monkey (spray protectant) did wonders and I just make sure to not set her down on a floor!
  10. Ph
  11. I like the shape of the Cabas Piano better.
  12. BV pluses: roomier than it looks, fits on shoulder well, no vachetta bottom

    CP pluses: classic style, zipper top, bigger
  13. I think the PH would definitely be too small. I would pick CP--zipper top, classic style, roomy, and cute!
  14. I like but I think it is just too small. Thanks
  15. Is it too similar to Saleya PM? Or can I get away with having these 2 bags?
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