Help Me Decide-Cabas Piano or Speedy 30?

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    Since you are all very helpful here, I wanted to take your advice into consideration. I just recently phased out all my small LV bags b/c I don't use them anymore. I sold my Papillon 30 as well b/c it was to long to hold by hands and too uncomfortable to hold by shoulders. I really did like the design of the bag though.
    So, here's my dilemma now. I wanted to have a bag that's easy maintenance and casual. I prefer hand held large bags and don't really prefer to wear bags over the shoulder. I really love the Mono Speedy 30 and would totally get it. BUT, I am recently trying to get pregnant for the first time and thinking ahead, and am I'm wondering if I would be better off w/the Cabas Piano b/c all my other bags are hand held. It might be more useful later on when I have to take my child around and lug all the typical diaper bag supplies. The bag is also almost $300 more than the speedy.
    Do any of you have first hand experience w/this? Does it become really busy to hold a bag by hand and take care of the baby?
    In addition, any opinions about the Cabas Piano?

    Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. Oh, I just noticed that the Cabse Piano might be too small? Any opinions on the Mezzo as well?
  3. My children are older now, but I can tell you that from the time they were born until the youngest was about five/six, shoulder bags worked best for me. If you're not pushing a stroller, you're holding on to a toddler's hand, sometimes two small children depending on how close together they are. I don't have it, but I think the Mezzo would work great as a handbag/diaper bag.
  4. ^^^ita.
  5. Mezzo
  6. Definitely a mezzo. The cabas piano isn't going to hold that much.
  7. Oh wow, you're all great! Such quick response. By the way, is the Mezzo the same bag that Angelina Jolie's been seen wearing many times? Oh, and if I do decide to get this, the price just goes up and up~~~ :worried: Here's the picture:

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  8. ^^^yes, Angelina's got the Mezzo.
  9. I say Mezzo, especially if you already have a few handheld bags.
  10. As I was just browsing through some of the members' collection, I noticed a Luco tote, which looked very similiar to the Mezzo on top, but the bottom is different. I didn't even realize that they were 2 different bags! They're kind of similar on the outside, if you had to pick one, which do you prefer and why? I ruled out Speedy 30 and Cabas Piano for now thanks to you guys :amuse:

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  11. The Cabas line seems more what you want, but have you considered some other over the shoulder options? The wear that the bottom vachetta seems to get really doesn't seem to make it a durable bag. I keep seeing for sale and eBay photos with ugly uneven wear of the vachetta.
  12.'re right, I need to take into account that the Cabas has the vanchetta lining on the bottom portion of the bag. Which makes Luco more attractive in that case...can the Luco be worn w/casual outfits or does it look formal?
  13. I think the Luco would go great with jeans and other casual outfits. I like it's plain and classic shape. The lots of pockets inside sounds great as well if you're as purse messy as I am. LOL
  14. I think either the Mezzo or the Luco would be fine. I personally prefer the Mezzo even though it's got the vachetta bottom.
  15. same here. i think it looks nicer. i think someone said that LV will replace the bottom vachetta piece for $100, if it gets gross. that's totally worth it.