Help me decide-C+F City, Kooba Jaylin, or Botkier Bryant


Which Purse Do You Like the Most?

  1. F+C Petunia(red)

  2. F+C Lichen(green)

  3. Boktier Bryant (grey)

  4. Kooba Jaylin (Lavender)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have some store credits with Funkylala, and need to make a decision on which bag to choose from.

    F+C Petunia

    F+C Lichen

    Boktier Bryant Satchel - Grey

    Kooba - Jaylin Lavender

    Thank you everyone!!!
  2. I like the F & C and the Botkier best.
  3. Wow, you are fast!
    Did you vote? I was still working on the poll choices. :p

    Which color did you like in F+C Much Clutch, liked the leather and hardware, but the inside lining is quite blahhhh. I have a Botkier, it's quite nice, but I'm unsure of the color - looks very light, almost beige greenish...

    So torned!
    Thank you!!!
  4. Definitely Botkier!!! I am not convinced about F+C. I don't like the way the corners of the bags look.
  5. F+C Petunia. i think it's a hot red bag.
  6. My favorites.
    F+C Lichen(green)
    Boktier Bryant (grey) (the one I like the most)
    Kooba Jaylin (Lavender)
  7. I like the first one
  8. i am so torn...
  9. I like the F&C Petunia!
  10. Def the F&C in Petunia! I just love the color and you will get a ton of use out of this bag
  11. My first choice would be the Kooba Jaylin (lavender) because I love purple. The F+C Petunia would be my second choice. :yes:

    BTW, what does F+C stand for?
  12. I personally like the lavender Kooba bag. I think the F&C bags are too much of a "fad" and you may not like it in the long run. The Kooba bag is a gorgeous color and seems very functional. The strap makes it great to shop with and the details are fabulous! I think you will definitely stand out in this bag and because of the unusual color you will like it for years to come!
  13. I voted for the Kooba Jaylin b/c I love the color and the style is the most interesting to me out of the bunch.
  14. I vote for the botkier. it has the most interesting texture although the f+c petunia is a beautiful colour!
  15. like the botkier and the color seems very versatile