Help me decide! Buying plans...

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  1. Help me decide whether to get the metallic black reissue in 226 or 227.

    I have a black distressed caviar jumbo with ruthenium bijou chain (for dressing down, casual day use). :heart:

    And a dark silver 226 with silver chain. :heart:

    What to do with MB??? I thought of 227 so it would be more functional for day (when I want to look more polished) to night, but the 226 size is SO CUTE for evenings!

    Do you think the MB is good for days? Which size, 226 or 227??? :confused1:
  2. that's a hard decision.. are you happy with your jumbo for the day use? would you want a MB for the day use? are you satsified having a dark silver for night or would you want a MB to wear with outfits?

    the 226 is my favorite size in the reissue .. but it sounds like you would prefer the 227 in MB... whatever you think you'd get the most use out of..
  3. Well, I loooooove the MB. It's actually my favorite color, even over the dark silver, which is gorgeous.

    Actually I'm not 100% the MB is not too flashy for day use. Sometimes it looks like it and sometimes not. I would definitely want to use it for evenings sometimes.

    And yes, I love the jumbo size. I think they both look good on me, but the 227/jumbo looks much more like a day bag (although it's fine for casual evenings) and the 226 more like an evening bag (most of my types of evenings, anyway).