help me decide btw these two bags!

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which botkier?

  1. tan

  2. black

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  1. Both are Botkeir.. I can't decide whether i should get the larger tan color, or the smaller black bag. I don't usually buy black bags as I think they are sort of limiting but I do wear a lot of black. but the tan would go with everything - ahhh please help!
    AED17989.jpg AED17988.jpg
  2. If you don't have that many black bags, I'd get the smaller black one. Still, depends if you are more practical, then the tan bag would probably get more use. Hope this helps?:confused1:
  3. Buy the one that you think has the most eye appeal. I love black btw.
  4. Tan :yes: It has more about it than the black i really love the bag ... let us know what you decide
  5. I like the tan bag. I don't care for how the hardware looks on the black bag.
  6. i like the tan
  7. tan
  8. I like the larger tan one.
  9. If you wear a lot of black a black bag would get lost in that. You should get the tan so it will pop out.
  10. I agree! You can always wear the tan bag with all black (love that combo)!
  11. I vote for the tan
  12. I like the Black better
  13. I like the tan
  14. I vote for the black. It looks more classier. I'm not loving how the crinkleness shows on the tan one.
  15. I voted tan because it's nicer for this season!